Homework Assignment: Essays
1. Here/ not-Here
2. Now/ not-Now

Homework! Ick!
Metoc (my cat) isn't very interested, either, but the essays need to get done. I decide to set a visualization as a metaphor to explain what I believe to be true, concerning the constructs of Time and Place.
In my center, I manifest the Inn of Infinite Dreams and Possibilities. It is an enjoyable place, where I can visit, listen to bards, converse with all matter of sentient life, have brew and stew, and rest. From the Inn, I look at its Door.
Knowledge and Knowing dictate the Truth. Right here, right now, this is all there is - no more, no less. This includes the Oneness with Creative Force, Oneness with all Creation - known and unknown, imagined and veiled from awareness. All.
I know that as I step out the Door, my intent manifests before me the "what,when,where, how and who" I am, and who accompanies me. The spiritual undercurrent and inner flow alone answer the "why".
Time is a construct and varies according to cultural expectations, however that culture is defined. There is no past or future, only intent (choice and discernment). And intent is in the present.
This is not to say that either past or future is inaccessible. Truly, all "time" is accessible, as are all places -- and the only parameters are those that have been chosen: choice of belief, safety, desire, learning, or seeking.
Many people have some understanding, some conception of "past lives", "reincarnation", or "time travel". But much of these ideas are again hidden in scientific/ cognitive/ Western paradigms, or spiritual/ religious mysticisms, or other cultural knowledge on this spectrum. However, "time" is but a title on a book that anyone can open and experience. As is "place".

I put my essays into poems which can be accessed by the link below...

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