Myst-spoken Word

Here in this Place,
I can understand the phrase:
"The Center that is everywhere;
the Circumference of limitless Space."

I am the Center of my concentric ripples,
originating with my every breath,
thought, feeling, reach and step...
Spirit is at my Center,
and in every ripple...
Spirit is at the Center
of every atom of existence,
every touch of every bit of Creation,
limitless in the ripples and their destination.

My ripples wander nonchalantly
sometimes in joy or fear or peace -
to the very edges of my being
to the very edges of my universe
lapping gently
at the shore
of my own soul -
returning again to me.

I am the thought
creating the ripple
upon the lake
of my own being;
I am the ripple
and the lake;
I am the Vision
I'm seeing.

Thought holds intent:
sometimes as a torch -
sometimes as a weapon -
sometimes in a back pocket,
And so it presents -
sometimes with Light
sometimes with harming
sometimes with a power

has no meaning here
but what I give it so -
and reaching beyond
the here-and-now
invalidates what I know.

I am here
of my choosing -
it's as simple as this;
I am now
of the present
where fear does not exist.

I am that I am.
You are that you are.
No more or less...
No near or far;
No expectation -
No change required...
We are that we are -
of one sacred Fire.

Lost because
I thought I was
-- and isn't that the way?
All I choose
affects my views
and how I live the day.

Quiet, the lake this morning.
Clear and safe, the feel --
And I can sit upon its shore,
and know that I am real.

Here in the Place,
no night or day,
no high or low or deep...
no fast or slow,
no hot or cold,
no fear, within this Keep.

No walls
but my thoughts create them;
No enemy but my fear;
No locks
but my thoughts have made them
--For I am free, right here.

To see what I learn
and know it...
to release, to discern, to accept;
To hear the intent
below it...
To be, without being, Adept.

From the Center
of who I am,
no past or future exists --
and where I enter
unfolds the hand
of All that possibly is.

My life of future
or of past
is but a choice I made
to step beyond what
seemed held fast
in Time's own masquerade.

This is yours
-within your hand
-within your soul's request;
Beyond the Doors
of Time's command,
you chart your chosen quest.

There is no "creating"
for everything is,
manifesting as chosen or drawn;
intent sets the pattern
of how I'm discerning
my Path and the Journey beyond.

I am myself -
no more or less,
of all that Is and Isn't;
I am myself -
and all I am
exists within the Present.

I can choose fear
to be in Here
where all around is Light...
or just choose peace,
and so, release
my tethered wings to flight.

I hold in my hand
all that I am --
all that I've chosen to learn;
beyond any Time -
beyond reason or rhyme --
and it's mine to deny or discern.

If you hear a Call
or see a Sign,
your thought is still deciding
the meaning of
what comes to you
and what it may be hiding;
If once you are
where you are meant
without a conscious leading,
then you have learned
to be yourself
without the act of being.

I am myself
and who I am
is not who you perceived,
but truly is
--right here, right now--
all that I have believed;
all that you were
when I grew up
defined this Child's abusing --
but now I can
define myself
in terms of my own choosing.

Beyond my boundaries of fear
are boundaries of Light,
that hold the Truth of who I am
more Sacred and more Right.

A Sacred Sphere
--right now, right here--
I choose as my Design;
and yet I know
its edges glow
with Power that is not mine.

There are no dimensions
but rather intentions
that fill a particular space --
no time-centered physics,
no ego-eccentrics,
but those that are drawn to each place;
and what is agreed here
is what fills the need here
for learning the Truth, as it's heard...
and stepping outside it
is just to decide that
you choose not to be where you were.

All I know
is what I know
by how I so perceive...
yet can I show you
what you know
but do not dare believe.

The more I am here
the more I appear
more similar than apart;
the more that I trust
the more I adjust
to being the Truth in my heart.

You are beyond what you believe;
You are beyond the truth you see;
You are a wing`ed Spirit, at play -
a Child of Light and mortal Clay.

Each Spirit knows
Itself to be
an echo of the Source,
and only grows
when It can see
the Truth within the Force.

No matter what
may come unknown -
Be safe in who you are...
In fear or love
each Soul must own
the action of Its heart.

In finally perceiving
what I am believing,
I feel no less lost in confusion;
Coyote's true meaning
is to let go the keening
of a death that is merely illusion.

in this room
with no walls
no floor, no ceiling
no windows, no door...
in this room
I can meet whomever
from whenever
or wherever,
by their consent...
and by our intent
a room or space
according to need
or desire...
in this room
- this sacred place -
a depot exists
open to any realm
or dimension...
life, death,
plant, animal, mineral
alien, ghost, legend
incarnate or not...
in this room
all Creation exists...
in this room
within me...
and all I have to do
is listen...

The Circle draws itself around me
as silence fills its Sphere -
Light to Light, surrounding
my lowly Presence here;
each written Word is manifesting
from Truth-prints softly drawn
upon the Path I share in Questing:
my Center and Beyond.

Sometimes it seems
I cannot be Still enough
to feel the drifting of the Stone;
Sometimes it seems
I cannot be Still enough
to hear the lifting of the Tone;
Sometimes it seems
I cannot be Still enough
to taste the shifting of the Sea;
Sometimes it seems
I cannot be Still enough
to know the Gift inside of Me.

In the depths of a leaf
I challenge my belief
of who and what I am;
In the depths of the rain
I challenge my claim
to walk the Path of my Clan.

I am already as I desire -
within me burns your sacred Fire;
I have already the things I need -
within me grows your sacred seed...
so by my Choice, I walk with You
and by my Choice perceive what's true
and by my Choice can know the Peace
that's mine to hold, if I release.

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