Past, Future and Beyond

Once more the tune repeats itself
--a heavenly refrain--
until the perfect harmony
is finally attained.

The dewdrops greet me once again -
the grasses wave their hands,
as if I were a long-lost friend
returned from foreign lands.

Long, long ago
in the misty depths of Time
Far, far away
from where this sun now shines
in a different Realm
in a different Way
with a different Weave
than that today,
you knew me
in your deepest thoughts
in ancient memories
in dream and not...
Just so the Fire within us all
reveals the Presence of Spirit's call,
that from that Lightning
we were spun,
and ever shall remain as One.

From whence do you hail, friend,
that it wakens my mind
to once having known you
in some distant time?
I recall rock-strewn fields
stretching out in the dawn,
and a dew-graveled path
winding endlessly on,
and a small rough-hewn cabin
with someone inside
who welcomed this pilgrim
as rain trampled by,
and later, midst white pines
surrounding the hills,
I set off to wandering,
as I'm wandering still
but somehow, for some why,
this scene lingers yet
reflected from long past
when, as strangers, we met.
From whence do you hail, friend?
you need not reply...
In friendship, the answer is always,

I look to the twilight
for reasons beyond...
I search in the shadows
for reasons I'm drawn:
towards knowledge unclear -
my meeting you here;
and yet in the sunshine
the vision is bright...
the Truth is within us
as God is the Light:
we meet once again,
but this time as friends.

Far away and long beyond,
across the Web, still lies the bond
once fired strong between the two -
that chanced to break before 'twas due.
How deep the chasm and the loss,
that none may build a bridge across!
But out from those hearts spun a twine,
Light-forged in Spirit's own Design.
And so,from distance, time and space,
the Wheel returned to that far place
where once death won, but wins no more:
this Time the bond creates a Door.

These canyon walls seem so familiar,
the river -- one I've see before --
the distant echoes sing my past:
I catch the tune, but nothing more.

Future Lives
The acceptance of past-life experiences is not uncommon. The concept of Time as non-linear is valid in many circles. The discussions and experiences of time-travel are not unknown among the populace-at-large. But how to weave these threads into a valid Tapestry?
Let us journey, metaphysically, to the common room of an inn. Let us sit around a large oaken table, comfortably near the fire, with our choice of brew close at hand. There is one Door, to enter or leave. (The small back Door is another story).
Outside the Door, only the Veil exists, in a misty mystic sense of awaiting. There is nothing beyond the Door but your belief. The Myst will coalesce about you, according to your Intent, the moment you step out the Door, manifesting time, place, and encounters. You can be anywhere. You can be any Time. You can present as anyone, although you change not the integrity of your inner Truth of Self. So the Journey begins: human incarnation or shaman travel.
Time is not only non-linear, but also non-manifested. Time is merely a construct of cognition, core-belief-systems, cultural parameters, and self-expectations. One step out the Door and your Intent sculpts the time-frame, and all that lies within it. Your Intent is focused according to need, want, desire, and Spirit's design.
Knowledge of our human past history has facilitated sojourners who understand some concept of time to connect to what is already known or perceived as such. I myself can follow threads of another's past experiences to that place and time where such manifested. Most often this is easier done when we have shared that experience. But the emphasis is on past experience, as something that has been previously experienced by that person not technically a chronological past. Where you have been may be a future life in a chronological and historical perspective; or it may be a past life on that continuum. Where you have been is not necessarily on a linear chronological progression.
So, what of future lives?
The answer lies in the misperception perpetuated by the terms past and future. Indeed, because Time is simultaneously a mystical coalescence of past, present and future, such terms are misleading and meaningless. In this here-and-now, all of who we were, are, and will be, exists as One. This is not pre-determination or pre-destination or any other pre-conceived idea. It is the Truth that all that is, is now, right here. We have created Time to organize that vast incomprehensibility.
So, back to the inn. Here we are in the common room of this inn of infinite dreams and possibilities. When you step out the Door, you can choose to step into what you perceive to be a future? life. You can choose to step into a past life. You can choose to step into a different dimension, or simply into the hand of God. Your choice. Your perception of your next incarnation or journey does not necessarily have to be in the future. You choose by your Intent where and when you next manifest. There are no limits. You choose the time and place. You choose how you will present yourself. There is no right or wrong, only learning. And Spirit journeys with you always. So, as a friend once told me, "Begin as you mean to go on." Set your pure Intent, and step into the Myst. How awesome is that!

Centaur Time
The Tapestry