Journal 6: Floo-rider

Imagine my surprise upon waking, when I discovered that I had been porting through to other places, using fireplaces and what had to have been floo powder. Now, I know it wasn't the stuff of fiction, but it worked similarly. Not quite as cleanly, however. Still, it was like sooty wormholes... with that tenuous quality of never being sure the Way would remain open, or have the same destination, or remain in the same time or dimension as it had been previously mapped. There is a map, of course. But not everyone has one. In fact, only certain copies are available, and mostly in the hands of high wizards - Light and Dark. But, you know what? I've got one. I'm not sure how I came by it, but there it was in my pocket. And now I'm not about to complain or explain or ask any stupid questions, you know? So, late last night, well, when everyone was sleeping, I just ambled on over to my fireplace real quiet like. I grabbed a handful of ashes from the bucket, stated my intention and destination, focused proper magic in my mind, and - poof! - I was off. Kind of cool, that. And then, later on, when I was done gallavanting around, I came back. Woo... what a mess I was! I guess I never thought of intenting on cleanliness, you know... seemed like a waste of time, but - glory be - such a sight! Good thing everyone was still asleep and no one had come around to do room checks. Although, even if Merlin or Satch had - and they could have, mind you - they wouldn't have said much... but I bet they would have been a-waiting for my return... In any case, you know, I've got to get ready for class, so I'll tell the rest of the story in a bit. Ok?

Journal 7