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"In 2020 CE an opinion, 'Science and religion are merging into one comprehensible awareness',
can only be viewed as science-fiction by minds locked in the limitation of Time." - Zoharo DeTafalla -

Two mulberry trees in the Garden of Ridvan, Acre, Israel
grafted to join the lower limbs as the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge



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360 Names of God
4th Dimension
Light Beings
Evolution of Earthly Human Race
Baha'i Cosmology

Philosopher's Stone

Light Beings

The Science of All-Things Natural and Supra-Natural

"Scientific knowledge is the highest attainment upon the human plane, for science is the discoverer of realities. It is of two kinds: material and spiritual. Material science is the investigation of natural phenomena; divine science is the discovery and realization of spiritual verities. The world of humanity must acquire both. A bird has two wings; it cannot fly with one. Material and spiritual science are the two wings of human uplift and attainment. Both are necessary -- one the natural, the other supernatural; one material, the other divine."

(Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 138)

Omnisciencia studies a future world where religion and science merge for the sake of Truth by the Law of Universal Oneness. Some may therefore refer to it as the spiritual format of science fiction.


1 Formal sciences

 1.1 Decision theory
 1.2 Logic
 1.3 Mathematics
 1.4 Statistics
 1.5 Systems theory
 1.6 Theoretical computer science

2 Nature/Pure Science

 2.1 Physical science
    2.1.1 Physics
    2.1.2 Chemistry
    2.1.3 Earth science
    2.1.4 Space Science or Astronomy

 2.2 Science of living things
    2.2.1 Agriculture
    2.2.2 Biology
    2.2.3 Botany
    2.2.4 Zoology

3 Social sciences

4 Applied sciences

5 Neuroscience


1. Mystery of God

2. Comprehension of spiritual verities

3. Inner significance of heavenly religions

4. Foundation of the law

*Enumerated from Promulgation of Universal Peace by 'Abdu'l-Baha, p.138


The main cog in the wheels of the human mind is imagination. Were we to limit its potential, either by allowing it to be dominated by the masculine rational side of thinking, or hinder its development with a lack of exercise, our level of comprehension will be impaired.

All thought receives a basic ephemeral form from the outpouring of the human imagination, hence, the basis for a thought to become a "thing" in the mental process. The imagination becomes the medium between the vast unknown and the reality of the physical world. The messenger of this communicative flow is the sub-conscious aspect of the mind, which expresses this ability through the feminine side of the soul (that which is born of spirit and gives rise to the mind of a human being) unto the rational observer, the masculine conscious counterpart within a soul.

The scientific method, an extreme masculine limitation toward productive proofs based on physical reality, succeeds in dominating the feminine intuitive attribute of the human mind. The mind of a human being cannot utilize its full potential when forced to succumb to the rational thinking of a system based in its attachment to the physical world. In this prevailing attitude of science, meditation is diminished to mere contemplation.

The goal of a progressing human spirit, through the mind of an evolving soul, is wisdom. Invention, hypothesis, and theory are by-products of this mental process.

- Zoharo DeTafalla - 171 B.E.

Calender for the Age of Aquarius

Amid the inner significance of all heavenly religions is revealed a new calendar. In this age the Mystery of God is shown therein, also.

Given herein are the Names and Attributes of God known as the fruits upon the Trees of Paradise. These were known and approved by the Bab and Baha'u'llah as the Calendar of the Wonderous. The following is a compilation as formed from the Baha'i Calendar, The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, and Gems of Divine Mysteries. It extends from Earth into the Kingdom of Baha.

As concerns the human soul, there is neither ascendency, nor descent, rather, the journey "unto God" and the coming "into being".

The Sacred Tree is the Sadratu'l-Muntaha (The Divine Lote Tree) in The Worlds of God, The five divine Worlds of Consciousness known to man.

7 Days of the Week      (click images to enlarge)      The Tree of Life

Compiled by Zoharo DeTafalla 155 thru 177 BE

"The body politic in the Kingdom of Earth is divided between persons with or without God. The same may be said concerning its militaries." - Zoharo -


   In the life of a human being there resides two major turning points. One is the Garden of Paradise (Ridvan) and the other the Valley of No Name or Description. The former is found by the followers of the Light in the Cause of God, the Baha'i Faith, and the latter in Death, introduced previously as the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
   The Shadow is likened to a threshold into the Valley of No Name or Description.


"The concept of infinity is limited to the boundaries of each our own human mind." - Zoharo -

11/04/2022 CE in 179 BE