Beings of Light

The story surrounding the Beings of Light encompasses a period of time from November of 1967 through April of 1968.

It began with a very large ball of light streaming downwards in an arc of about 45 degrees from the northern sky about a year prior to my discovery of its landing area. My residence from which the event had been noted was approximately two miles east of town.

One evening, after having moved into the city, taking a brisk walk from my apartment, my steps lead through one of three parks near mid-town. Alone, my path jouneyed from 4th street and meandered along the east bank of a small stream dividing the park. One could enjoy an evening walk as Middle Park was well lighted with tall new mercury lamp posts.

As my footsteps lead towards one such post, my eyes gazed up from the path and a strange shape was seen sitting in the middle of the soft-ball diamond. It was likened to a simple perimeter of a silvery-blue outline as an enormous bell about fifteen feet high and twenty to twent-five feet across.

Thinking it was an interesting optical illusion, I made my rounds and continued home. It would be about two months later, after numerous visits with friends, all seeing the same illusion, amid other events that followed, three of us would be priviledged to witness the beings that came to occupy the park.

In brief, while we were seated in the old bandstand midway into Middle Park, there suddenly appeared three triangular entities hovering about a foot off the ground standing shoulder to shoulder in the entryway. Each was the same in appearance, a form comprised of a silvery-blue light about five feet tall when taking into account they were approximately twelve inches off the ground.

As our minds went blank and staring, they seemed to project the thought of "friends" coming in friendship. Ron stepped towards them and was immediately frozen in his tracks. Then, as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone.