Evolution of Mankind

Our present origin of mankind can be said to extend over the past 500,000,000 years in accord with the Writings of Baha'u'llah. He has said there have been 10,000 Adams in the cycles of mankind and each cycle is relative to 50,000 years.

Were we to look upon such a statement as factual, we are left with the question of the universal whereabouts of each of these said Adams. Was the fact pertaining to the planet Earth, or amid the entirety of all God's creations?

Contemplating Genesis in Holy Text, we may well concieve the notion that Adam was among the first created intelligent beings to have an ability to speak with God.

Via the study of human genetics, using a graph comprised of how often mutations appear in the genetic code, science has discovered a family of mankind that disappeared from physical existence nearly 72,000 years ago.

Should we consider mankind's present state as the human race, how many were the generations of mankind prior to this race? And from among these races, did the missing race also have at one time the ability to speak with God?

Within mankind's conception of a God, the Creator of All Things, who are the "us" described in Genesis?