Our Story

Having been born in the Cradle of the Faith at the crux of the perilous regime change, my Baha'i family narrowly escaping government orders for arrest and execution, refuge was sought in the West and the beginnings of my earthly life found solace in Canada. It was not until three decades later that the breaking and tilling of the earth of the heart, both through trial and through error, eventually yielded the fruit of awareness. The first sprinkling of the descending bounties and a trace of delightful fragrance.

Thereafter began a renewed search for a deeper insight into the Writings, which ultimately led to other runners along the Path and to the first sweet communications with Zo. Inspiration, Dreams and inward advisements followed, leading to the initiation of my "training" through prayer and meditation, and a gentle tug toward the East of nearness. After this came blessed tribulation and the resulting return to the Middle East, wherein my young family now resides, serving His Will as promoters of the Cause in a land mired in chaos; urging the people to see through the eyes of Justice, beseeching the Blessed Perfection that the arid dust of the desert may give way to a fragrant garden, that it may become lush and verdant once more, and - God Willing - a true reflection of the Kingdom.

Finding myself amidst this gathering, at this fireside, being given a chance to continue this journey alongside compatriots in open-hearted consultation ... this is a true blessing indeed. - AJ -

My life on this plane of existence has been a matter for recall since approximately twelve weeks after conception. Through all the ups and downs of all oportunities for learning, it was mine to know the second light of a greater awareness through deep meditation between the ages of nine and eleven years, the first having been born into this known world of physical mundane living.

From out of the second light began a search for the name of the Light that had embraced my entire being with Love and the confirmation of its presence. This journey culminated with the discovery of Baha'u'llah at the age of nineteen.

After twenty-eight years of service to the Cause, my life was graced with an introduction to Zoharo in Tafalla, Spain in 1995 CE. Twenty-five more years ensued in recording all that was imparted to me leading to this moment, gazing into the past, present, and the possible future of all human awareness. - Zo -