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We called the Tribe together to look at our new house. They gathered around it and began to sing:

”Ee-wah’ mo-chow’ah,
Shah-yu’mee, shah-yu’mee,
Shah-whur’ee, shah-whur’ee,
Shah-pi’ee, shah-pi’ee,

Below are pictures of the construction of a Kumeyaay home or E wa'a on the Poway site. It was constructed in November of 1999.

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The Kumeyaay home below was constructed at Warner's Ranch, in August of 1925. This was part of the "housebuilding series",by request of J.P. Harrington, for the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institute. The Elder building the e wa'a is Angel Kwillp, a Kumeyaay from Mesa Grande.

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Below is a Edward S. Curtis (c 1924) photo titled "Diegueno house at Campo",
with woman and dog. (Folio 15, Plate 525).

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