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Poway dedicates hill site of Kumeyaay-Ipai center

In a ceremony marked by solemn chanting from the Bird Song Singers, American Indians and the descendants of European settlers joined yesterday to dedicate the Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center. "We sing about creation, the sun coming up and going down, and we bless this land on which our ancestors lived for thousands of years," said Raymond Belardes Jr. He is a member of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians, a Kumeyaay people. Brian E. Clark in the San Diego Union Tribune -- 6/9/02 From Native Web News

More about the Dedication:

San Diego Union Tribune Article Need to look in the "archives" section, as of July 2002


Come join us on tours of the site every THIRD SATURDAY of the month at 9:am and at 10:am. Hear the story of the Kumeyaay and see, learn, and appreciate their way of land management, plant uses, food processing, and enjoying life in this area they called the "meeting of the waters".

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Listed below are some of the Common Names of plants found at the site:

Plants on the Kumeyaay Interpretive Site
As compiled by Vernon Bluhm, after a visit to the site
March 2001

Blue Elderberry
Brickell Bush

California Aster, Sand Aster, Cudweed Aster
California Buckwheat, Flat-top buckwheat
California Figwort, Bee Plant
California Sagebrush
Chalk-leaved Dudleya
Chaparral Broom
Coast Live Oak, Encina

Deerweed, California Broom

Filaree, Storksbill, Red-stemmed Filaree
Fuschia-flowered Gooseberry


Jimson weed, Thorn Apple

Laurel Sumac

Mexican Elderberry

Turkey Mullein, Dove Weed

Wild radish
Western Ragweed
White Sage, Honey Sage
Wild Cucumber, Manroot

Yucca, Our Lord’s Candle, Spanish bayonet

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