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The following excerpts from Newspaper Articles are accounts of the archaeological and anthropological endeavor in the City of Poway, California, to construct an Interpretative Center in order to convey to the present day Poway inhabitants, the complete history of the first People who survived and flourished here before present day times.

The sophisticated and distinct culture being interpreted are know as the Kumeyaay Nation (Southern People) who thrived in their own country and who lived in complete diverse geological environment with political and social systems in place.

The concept of building a center on this site started with Mr. Eamon Kavanagh, who had volunteered to help remove trash from this city owned property (after his retirement form private industry).

The dream continues now with the Kumeyaay Nations in San Diego County, City of Poway, Friends of the Kumeyaay, and many other volunteers and interested persons.

Poway Chieftain, January 18, 1996; “New Center honors early settlers”, “Kavanagh started working last August (1995) to formulate the interpretive center. According to him, the center will explain the historical, cultural and social history of the Kumeyaay to modern people. An important aspect of the center will be demonstrations of a variety of Indian arts and customs out in the open in the actual area they were performed. The complex will also house a multipurpose auditorium to present cultural ceremonies. As gift shop, as well, is planned.”

Poway Chieftain, September 15, 1999 “Thumbs Up to Poway Historian for his efforts to preserve some of Poway’s Native American Heritage.”

Poway Chieftain, December 2, 1999; “Rebuilding the Past”. Authentic Kumeyaay house built in Poway will showcase ancient lifestyle.

San Diego Union Tribune, December 29, 2002; “Knoll in Poway destined to be Interpretive Center”. With the blessing of the San Pasqual Band of Indians, the Poway City Council has endorsed Kavanagh’s vision, which also calls for buying 14 acres surrounding the knoll.

North County Times, January 15, 2001 “Poway may add to Kumeyaay Site”. Last month, the council approved a master plan that calls for Poway to work with the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians to preserve the property and build a center there the will educate visitors about the Kumeyaay People.

North County Times, January 16, 2001, “Ruin Revival”; Tribal members, City of Poway sign preservation agreement.

North County Times, January 17, 2001, “Poway to purchase land by Indian site”. City will pay $390k for vacant lots next to planned education center.

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