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For This Christian Youth GeNeRaTiOn

My Favorite things about Jesus:

Hello Everyone! Thanks for coming :-)

Are you guys enjoying your summer?

My Contents: Scriptural Strength - Post Prayers & Praises -Your Purpose-Surviving Trials

I hope everyone here is doing alright, I have seen the prayer needs in the message board and I want to let you all know that God is a loving God and will answer your prayers. I just came back from Summer in The Son, it's a youth conference up in Kentucky and the presence of God was really powerful. We learned lots of things, one them was that God will answer your prayers not to make you happy but to fulfill His purpose for YOU.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About this site:

This site is dedicated to the YOUTH!!! ‘Cos we ARE going thru some crazy stuff with the world trying to take us back into its games and its oppressing life-style BUT anyone can come on in and restore your strength through the Bible verses I have on my sites, which I believe will help Anyone who is young at heart!

So,you're a Christian and in this New Age culture, It's tough to keep the faith at times, right? Well I'm here to help you. ;-) I'm going to try to make this site talk about all the topics young people go through and what the Bible has said we should do about them. Please keep in mind this is my First web site and I will be adding other interesting contents to help you in your every-teen-day struggles? So, keep ckecking back and I may surprise you! :-) Enjoy...

And Remember Jesus Loves You!!!!!

Keep The Faith


PS: The Prayer Board is up!!!!!

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My Contents :

Teen Warrior Center
Scriptural Strength
Kick Back
The Cool Department
Are Your Ready???
A Time to Save
Post Prayers & Praises
Your Purpose
Surving Trials

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