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Monday, 22 September 2008
Topic: Miscellaneous

I will use a recent blog request to catapult this page out of more than a year of utter neglect.  Do my bag's mundane contents imply that I have an unexciting soul? 

• An underutilized date book.  What few entries exist are commonly followed with a question mark to indicate their lack of urgency or my lack of confidence that they will be dealt with.

• Orbit wintermint gum

•  A 2GB jump drive from Microcenter

• A crumpled wad of pay stubs

•  Walgreens "Original Eye Drops."  They claim to be both "original" and comparable to Visine.  How contradictory.  My eyes get dry at work because the computer of the person who sits across from me has a powerful fan unit that blows warm air up at me from beneath my desk.  I assume my computer does the same to him.  Unlike Visine, store brand eye drops are not locked up at Walgreens.  I don't know why you would lock up eye drops anyway, except that maybe stoners use Visine, and they assume stoners to be shoplifters who shun generic imitations.

• Staedler pigment liner.  I prefer the Papermate Flair, Ultrafine  

• Sanford uni-ball ONYX.  I prefer the Pilot Razor Point II

• A 2GB ipod nano 

•  Various medicines denoting their owner's easily upsettable stomach and sensitive sinuses

• The crumpled sheath of a folding umbrella.  I have bought this same $5 umbrella from Walgreens on 3 occasions since I never have it when it rains.  

• An SF novel lent to me by Nik.  It's awesome.  The gods' home on Mount Olympus is actually Mons Olympus on Mars.    

• My bag is a fairly anonymous nylon model from Banana Republic. When I put it under my desk at work I gain pleasure from feeling its magnetic clasps bond to the side of the filing drawers.  

Posted by thenovakids at 1:03 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 22 September 2008 1:25 AM CDT
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Monday, 22 September 2008 - 4:39 PM CDT

Name: "wes"
Home Page:

"When I put it under my desk at work I gain pleasure from feeling its magnetic clasps bond to the side of the filing drawers."  This made me laugh out loud at work

Tuesday, 7 October 2008 - 2:19 AM CDT

Name: "joe"

ok im going to try again to post a comment a day later 

i remember some time ago you showed me a ~3x5" memo pad in which you scrawled various notes during your daily travels
many if not all of which were hilarious
is the date book the logical evolution of that?

also while trying to decipher which set of alphanumeric characters this verification tool wants
your site meter momentarily flashed up in the corner
something ive never noticed before
but now (actually last night when my comment post attempt failed) im creeped out

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