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   This is mainly to be a play by post game.  Right now I am looking for a good place to be hosted on and some good players.  I am really not concerned with having to many at this point because a couple of players always drop out of every game online or not.  I intend to start everyone off as first year students.   So ages 11.

    I want to run the players through all seven years of the school, note this game will start in 1989 there for the year before Harry Potter goes to school.  No one is to play any cannon characters since they will be off doing cannon things.    I want to have the players enjoy being out and about in their own school doing their own thing rather then relying too heavily on cannon.

    The game will be on Story Crafter  and the site is Here.

Game Master Notes:

Is Septi Standur suppose to be better then Hogwarts?
    No not in the least, No one can top Dumboldore the greatest magician of his age at being a Head Master.   This is meant to be a different Magic School not a better one.   I know how Bel' little quote on the front page made things sound, but he's always throwing an angle, he sent his son to Hogwarts.     I have found the biggest issue I have with Fanfics and other such things when they introduce any characters made up by the fan writer they tend to fall into the "bigger then the hero"    none of the characters here are any bigger then the cannon characters they just have their strengths in different places.

Web Page References I Used:

Harry Potter Lexicon

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