"I hear the first Overseer was a lovely lady, liked a nice cup of mint tea so I hear."  -
Damon Castor, Head Master

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Student Council



   Each of the founders of the school had a title they kept and an object they left for the school.  The Student Council each get one of these positions and the object that goes with it.   Here are the names of each of the founders, their titles and what these duties mean at the school.

The Founders

Mairead Eutropia The Overseer

The Ring

The Overseer acts as leader of the Student Council, keeping them together and working.   They also represent the school when it comes to out of school extra curricular activates.  When it comes to serious matters where bodily harm might occur the Head Master will often see to it instead.

Festus Etzel The Taskmaster

 The Staff

Unlike the Overseer the Taskmaster doesn't organize the Council into action, it is the Taskmaster's job to make certain everything is being done and to the best of it's ability.   The Overseer give a job and the Taskmaster makes certain it happens.

Ngai Cezar The Protector

The Dagger

It is the Protector's duty to organize the defences of the school and care to the physical safety of the student body from outside harm.  The Protector often calls on the Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher and sometimes the Head Master for aid.

Tyron Dipak The Archivist

The Key

The Archivist sees to the care of the Library and other books in the school, such as any spare text books.  They are also suppose to organize the writing of the student year book, add important events to the history of the school and add any books the school need to the library, they are of course given a budget to do so.

Catalina Pomona The Custodian

The Box

The Custodian is the one who looks after the care and maintenance of the school, along with anything else the grounds require.   Organizing students to clean the school and dorms, cook the meals, fix anything broken  and other such important odd jobs vital to maintaining the school.

Persis Lami The Healer

The Glasses

The Healer see to the physical care of the student body and helps with any injuries mishaps etc, it is highly encouraged that should the situation be grave that teachers are contacted at the same times as the healer.

Seanna Johanna The Elate

The Mirror

The Elate takes care of festive events and more relaxing actives. Clubs, Sports events, dances, and so on are all planned and booked through the Elate.  If in order to organise an event for the  student someone needs to represent the School to outsiders the Overseer will accompany the Elate and speak for them.