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"Given what I teach I try and be my student's friend. 
With all the horrors in their textbooks the last thing they need is to be afraid of their teacher.."  -
Diarmaid Eir, Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher

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Student Council



   The Teaching Staff

Head Master
Damon Castor

One could say that Damon Castor hasn't been all there for quite some time. He was supposed to have be quite brilliant in his time, which has somewhat passed. He does care for the student body and the staff. It's said that he lost his wits when You Know Who was running around, though exactly what happened is completely unknown.

Head of Staff
Social Sciences Teacher Belenus Deimos Adonis

Oldest son of a ancient wizarding family. Belenus carries himself in a respectable manner wears all black robes along this a large family ring. There is something a little creepy about Professor Adonis though it's hard to put one's finger on, he seems like a calm smooth wizard, maybe a little too smooth.

Charms Teacher
Afia Melek

Professor Melek seems a bit distant though it's extremely surprising to most students how much he, er, she... (it?) really hears. The Professor speaks with a distant echoing voice that some how penetrates all part of the classroom and student conversations. No one is really certain whether Professor Melek is male, female, only part human, unlucky looks wise or the victim of some kind of mixed up transfiguration spell.

Care of Magical Creatures Teacher Thea Hortensia

A women who can go from serious to happy at the drop of a hat, Professor Hortensia is always in control. She almost at times seems to have a split personality. One second she seems like the kindly old aunt who asks you to tea. The next moment she is the completely serious parent, then again given what she teaches can she be blamed?

Potions Teacher
Bridget Dipak

Potions should be fun shouldn't they? Bridget is the descendant of one of the original school founders and the youngest teacher on staff. Bright, painfully chipper and almost always in bright colours. Given her age she manages to relate a lot better with the students.

Herbology Teacher Tuan Armand

There are rumours that Professor Armand grows fungus in the closet in his office, this is simply untrue. The fungus is Under his desk of course. The term plant lover puts it mildly when it comes to Tuan and his “babies”. All things in nature should be respect and the plant is seldom given the same respect an animal would be... or so Professor Armand would say.

Transfiguration Teacher Faunus Igon

Professor Igon has a nose like a hawk, appropriate given that is what he turns into. Many student have noted that he has other hawk like qualities, including being able to spot a child goofing off across a class room out of the corner of his eye. Faunus considers himself strict yet fair, most students would disagree.

Divination Teacher Alvis Bedivere

The largest member of staff, Alvis has somewhat shaggy long blonde hair and student gossip says he's got giant blood in him somewhere. A master of Runes and the Augury. Alvis tends to be a bit more physical then most in his profession. Intimidating and sometimes gruff Alvis is actually a good hearted person. once you get past the axe he keeps on the wall behind his desk.

Defence Against the Dark Arts
Diarmaid Eir

Professor Eir is from France. He is normally in a good mood, after all in his class students face their greatest fears, and so they shouldn't also have to fear their teacher. He has a graceful French accent rather enjoyed by the female students and studies savate (French foot fighting) which endears him to the male student since he's more then willing to give out pointers. After all defending one's self from the dark arts isn't always just done with a wand.

History of Magic
Artemisia Zinovia

Where you come from is almost certainly as important if not more so then where you are going. Madam Zinovia considers herself a vessel of enlightenment for her students, she believe very firmly that history lights the path. History is the candle that lights the future, anyone who says other wise deserves detention.

Flying Teacher
Bonifacio Costel

Of the Spanish Costels and former stunt flyer, Costel suffered from a bad crash and is now working at the school. He's enthusiastic, energetic and some times it seems hard for the students to keep up with him. Though flying a broom should be fun it can also be dangerous, he knows this first hand and often uses tales of his injury to convince students not to try and reach beyond their capabilities too quickly.

Astronomy Teacher Aemilia Doreen

Professor Doreen is a calm and peaceful women, Muggle Born and proud of it. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the heavenly bodies with her students. So far no student has ever managed to make her loose her cool or her temper. Many on the other hand have gotten detention for attempting this.

Muggle Studies Teacher Ransu Pio

Professor Pio is a somewhat stuffy teacher though he believes that the study of muggles is important for wizards to know where they come from. The Muggles are fascinating because their culture changes so quickly. He attempt to be sensitive to the muggle born wizards in his class, this normally causes them to snicker at him behind his back.

Arithmancy Teacher
Huan Qing

An elderly Witch from China that some say has been on staff since the founders arrived. They would of course be wrong, however that doesn't stop the students from talking. Though she is old she is also extremely sharp, and her students learn to stay in-line quickly. After all these things are serious matters so students who do not take them serious should find another class