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Interdisciplinary Studies In Theoretical Physics And Experimental Psychology

Integrated Theories Currently Under Speculation

ISTPEP Research

Research #1 ISTPEP (Genesis by Observership/Cognition)
Research #2 ISTPEP (Multiverse/Dimensional Existence)
Class Mission Statement (not ISTPEP related)
Fibonacci Sequence Calculations
Relationships Between Fibonaccian Sequence and Patrick T. Collins Matrix
Class Related Links (non-ISTPEP)
David Deutsch's Actual Multiverse Theorem
Patrick's Friend's and Photos (non-ISTPEP related)

This Page is currently under construction. New research, speculations, and proofs will be incorporated later. Coming Soon: Integration of Concious/Unconcious Cognitive Relationships With Genesis By Observership
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Cornell University
University of Chicago
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
High Voltage Air-core Resonant Transformers

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