Correlations Between "Genesis by Observership" and Cognition

Case: Does the way the observer views a situation determine its outcome? Is cognition a significant factor in this? If so is this infinitely consistent? Experiment: Take a spherical object, and project it onto a sensory grid that graphs the objects collision point. Uncertainty must be a factor here! Project the object whilst observing it for the first trial, then whislt not observing it for the second trial. Continue this pattern of alternating states of conciousness for at least 20 trials. Proceed until the anomaly occurs. The anomaly may occur whilst you unrealizingly, and nonchalantly observe the object for 50% of the path of motion, and not-observe it for the other 50%. Perhaps, the object will collide with a point already graphed! Anomaly? Coincidence? This may induce further research into the Genesis by Observership theory, and indefinitely into the high-definition acuteness of both physiological, and psychological cognition. Please e-mail me with results.

Example Experimental Anomaly