Class Mission Statement- Patrick T. Collins

Patrick T. Collins

My name upon birth is Patrick Thomas Collins, and I am the son of Dawn Morton of Salamanca, NY. I am currently evolving through my 17th year of life, and I have enjoyed most moments of the latter. I plan on utilizing all of the academic excellence this course has to offer, and using the knowledge to improve my academic standings. During the academic school year, I will be taking a course entitled “e-commerce”, which is conceptually similar to this course. Computers function as innovative tools in my perspective, for I use them solely for recording original papers, theses, theories, and letters which must be portrayed in an intelligible manner. I am most interested in the academic fields of experimental psychology, and theoretical physics, of which I will be enrolling in college as a double major. Both of the latter fields may integrate the use of the computer, and it is my mission to understand computer technology to extent that through these two fields, I will be able to utilize it.