Patrick's Friends and Photos

This photo gallery is somewhat non-ISTPEP related, however feel free to browse the photos anyway. Many photos portray the friends of ISTPEP webmaster Patrick T. Collins. If you are a friend of Patrick, please leave a message in the Guestbook on the ISTPEP homepage, and/or e-mail Thank you. This page is currently under construction.

Me (Patrick Collins) & Ravi! (Ravindranath Gummadidala) outside Ravi's place

North Campus UB Panorama: Home of the UB M/S Chemistry and Physics Courses

The Awards I Won at UB.

1st Place University at Buffalo Math/Science Science Exposition Gold Award of Excellence in Physics Gold Award of Excellence in Literature Gold Award of Excellence in Computer/Internet Gold Award of Excellence in SAT Verbal Silver Award of Excellence in Advanced Mathematics/Calculus