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The secrets of the Orion Empire often came in the form of various files such as readme files and backgrounds.  In addition, there are some facts to share which do not fall into any of the other categories on this site.  Such knowledge will be shared here...



Fact: In addition to MOO and MOO2, there are actually 2 other related games, though they are not part of the official storyline.  Starlords was an early prototype for prototype for Master of Orion, and has since been released for free on www.moo3.comCivilization II contained a scenario called “MOO Jr.” that was a sort of scaled-down MOO2 on a Civ2 map.

Fact: On April 1st, Orion 2 will give a really weird turn summary message which is a tribute to SimCity, the classic Maxis game. The message will read: "Citizens demand a stadium. And more cream of celery soup."  Just start a game on April 1st, and after a few turns it will appear.

Fact: The Antaran leader on the Star Fortress is called Xyphys, the Antaran Warrior.  From what I have been told, he is similar (or perhaps equal) to Loknar in abilities.

Fact: There is a secret technology in MOO2 which cannot be obtained (unless the ancient Human art of "hacking" is used).  It is called Phase Shifter. If you have never heard of it, look at the Info menu, then click on Reference, then on Ship Systems.




Here are the final readme files for MOO1 and MOO2:

Master of Orion readme, v1.3

Master of Orion 2 readme, v1.31


Here are some image files that you can set as backgrounds (jpg format):

Master of Orion 3 E3 wallpaper

Master of Orion 2 wallpaper

Civ2 MOOjr wallpaper

MOOjr without border