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For the moment, this is all the data Kholdan has received on Orion 3.  This should be a revolutionary game, and quite probably the greatest game in the Orion series.  The basic overview of the situation is this:  many, many years after the events of Orion 2, the Antarans have finally recovered and taken over the galaxy.  Their ancient enemies, the glorious Orions, are still missing; no one knows what became of them.  The Antaran Empire has been steadily disintegrating, since many members are mysteriously vanishing themselves.  The Antarans in this dimension have changed their name to the New Orions and have started their own domain separate from the Antaran Empire, which is furious at this treachery.  The Alkari, Bulrathi, Darlok, Elerian, Gnolam, and Mrrshan empires have been destroyed during the wars and rebellions against the evil Antarans.  Meanwhile, some new races and some genetic offshoots of older ones have started to emerge as major players on the galactic scene.  

The old High Council is gone, replaced by the New Orions' Orion Senate.  Since they rule the galaxy, they have stripped the remaining empires of their technology, and use the Orion Senate to impose their will on these races, although some systems have refused to join the Senate.  Many of the older races have begun to remember the days of their power and want to cast down their Antaran oppressors, and the newer ones do not necessarily fear or respect the Antarans as much as the old ones do.  The New Orions are trying to hold on to their power during these uneasy times, and have built a third Guardian of Orion and a fleet of powerful warships loyal only to the New Orion government.  

There is one new danger in the galaxy at this time.  It is called the Harvester race.  We only know three things about them.  First, they were created by the Antarans to deal with our galaxy's inhabitants; second, they proved uncontrollable and turned on their masters and escaped; and third, they are here but their appearance and power are unknown...



More to come...

Master of Orion 3 races