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Greetings all, and welcome to Orion Empire.  This site is one of the last repositories of Ancient Orion knowledge, and contains data from all across the Orion Sector, especially from the Orion ruins at Altair.  Much of what is known of the Ancient Orions, and their enemies, the Antarans, has been lost and is only slowly being recovered.  But that which is known can be found here, for the good of all the enemies of Antares. Orion Empire exists to provide key information to those who would be Master of Orion.  Though Ezixl is Klackon and supports Kholdan's claims of supremacy, the current threat by the Antarans is too great to be opposed by one empire alone, even the glorious Klackons.  Much of the knowledge here is unknown to many or is gradually being "shrouded by time" (to quote the Psilon historian Ectron Victor).  Some of the information found here came from Orion itself, after the defeat of the Guardian and the appearance of Loknar, the last Orion.  Orion Empire seeks to be impartial, and to give only verified data, not rumor or conjecture. This is what the great Loknar would have wanted.


This site seeks to aid those who are rediscovering the early Master of Orion games, or who wish to learn more about them before the next game is released.  And last but not least, to those who have only now learned about Master of Orion I and II, this site is for you. Please look around...there is detailed information on many aspects of the Orion universe, and more is to come, especially since Master of Orion III is only a few months away.  Enjoy!