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  Atįnadae, Tol Teldor Adar i Eire hen Almaline.

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1 August 2004, Update: For the time being, I have
abandoned this conlang. I might pick it up again some
day in the distant future. Until then, I have left everything
here intact for people who might be interested.


"We awoke to find absolute darkness.
We were buried in drifts of snow, and
our beards were frozen in ice. The hail
began to fall, and we later noticed that
we had been bruised all over by the
falling pieces. The storm came on us
at full force then, and in the lightening
we could see an army of Gurgs rushing
down the mountains that lay ahead of
us. We lit our torches to keep them at
bay, but it was in vain. When battle
became inevitable, I cried out the
battle-cry of my people, "Ahūa!" and
rushed ahead in defiance of the cold...
and of our enemy."

                                                                                  - The Diary of Chazacrį, a Hero Among Men,
                                                                                  at The First Battle Against the Dark Army


    Almalinė is home for the Two Races of Cardė: Men and Celts, each with their own nation. Celts represent all that is beautiful and pure in the world, while Men are the embodiment of strength, honor, and loyalty. Although a war once turned the Men and Celts against each other, they must now live together in peace for a common cause: to defend Almalinė from the god of Evil, Gacatė, if he should ever return to bring chaos and death to the land.
    Men were the soldiers of the first war against Gacatė, and their military skill keeps them prepared for anything at anytime. The Celts became great craftsmen and builders, and they keep the land in a state of peace and tranquility. These combinations make Almalinė a unique home for its people.
    Come and see their home for yourself. Read about the Almalinian language, or learn everything you would ever need to know about travelling in Almalinė within the tourist guide (just in case you ever really do want to go there). Read on the histories to learn all about the Celts and Men: the journeys they have had, the wars they have fought, the wonders they have seen. The histories also tell of Gacatė, the God of Evil, who has eternally seeked to destroy Almalinė and all that is good...



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