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Quirks and Glitches

Perfect dark Quirks and Glitchs by Kudrun.

Mysterious figures solved

As far as I’m aware, there are only three strings of “numbers and letters” that look remotely similar to each other, dotted around Perfect dark. They are:

R- 3173-B (On the wheel of Air force one)
KMR-130873 (On the side of the submarine at the end of Pelagic 2)
XD-310372 (The registration no. of Elvis’s aircraft seen in briefing to Maian sos)


Letters: Quite simply, they are the initials of three members of Rare:

RB – Ross Bury (*Bionic backgrounds)
KMR – Keith M Rabbette (*Dynamic backgrounds)
XD – Chris Darling (Christmas - Xmas, Chris-x (X is short for Chris (*Weapons specialist)

*See credits after Skedar ruins.

Ross Bury also crops up in other places throughout the game:

Rb – dataDyne Research: Investigation – On pipe in floor in room with scientist who sets off alarm.
RB – Chicago: Stealth – Graffiti on wall.
ROSSORAMA – Air force one – Tv screen on plane “Ross ‘o’ Rama “

He, of course did some of the backgrounds in Perfect dark, and so it’s no surprise to see his stamp on things.

Figures: As pointed out to me my “Double0Bonde”, the figures which come after the letters, are the birthdays of the said member:

R- 3173-B:……….3, 1, 73 (Jan 3rd 1973)
KMR-130873:….13, 8, 73 (Aug 13th 1973)
XD-310372:…….31, 3, 72 (Mar 31st 1972)

Symbols in the game that go unsolved:

Chicago: Stealth – Release the beast, Big boy, LJR… (The rest is scrambled) and Zaz and many Chinese symbols as signs and graffiti:

To view all of these signs and symbols click here.

If anyone can translate these into English, I’d be much appreciated.

Donkey Kong in Airbase

Yes you heard correctly, Donkey Kong can be found in “Air base”!! To find him, simple follow the instructions below. It’s best to use cloaking device and any others you feel would be useful.

From the start, go about the game as normal, until you go through the door and complete objective one. Now put on the cloaking device and take the right hand escalator down to the room with the guy who says “You shouldn’t have come here girl”. In here is a large window. Face the window dead on (looking out) and position yourself to the far right hand side of it. From here turn 90 degrees to the left and stop. You should now be looking along the surface of the window with the room on the left hand side of your screen and the window on the right. If you haven’t seen him by now, then you must be blind. Donkey Kong’s picture can be found on the rocks surface just outside the window to your (Now) right. The picture is of his head shown from his right side. It’s big, and granted not that detailed, but it is Donkey kong!!

Carrington Institute ghost

At the beginning of Carrington Institute: Defense, Freeze!! Do not move. Choose a remote mine and place it on the floor about 2 meters in front, and half a meter to the right of your starting position. Stand back and blow it up. Suddenly a Datadyne guard will appear ( Not de-cloak ) from thin air and die from your explosion ( Well he was standing on your mine ). You can’t see him with the x-ray scanner / Farsight ( Until he’s dead ), but the Farsight will target locate his position ( If you didn’t kill him first ). Strange thing is, if you don’t kill him, and you know where he is standing ( Invisible though he may be ), you can walk straight through / can’t shoot him. Yet when you blow him up he becomes real ( Shot in the face, blood on the floor ).

This is the spawn point for the guard in question. He will become visable (And able to kill) when an objective is completed. Most all guards (If they aren't there to begin with) have an invisable spawn point. It saves their position, and releases them when needed.

Tilt the world to a strange angle

Simply jump onto the hover bike (Area 51) with a Farsight in hand ( Primary function ). Make sure there is enough room to strafe either left or right. Hold R, then hold either C-left or C-right.

1) The Farsight will locate ( Or try to.. you are moving incredibly fast! ) any enemies in that level.

2) Your view will be tilted at a slight angle ( Which is due to the hover bike being tilted as you strafe ) and this feels rather unfamiliar as the view you are used to seeing only exists in a horizontal / vertical / look up / look down world. ( That is apart from when you regenerate in combat simulator and stand up at an odd angle ( Gameshark / action replay hackers will recognize this as the wake up feeling they get when hacking to and form cartridges mid-game )).

Very strange view indeed.

A few CI quirks

1) The right side door of the CI ship in the hanger on CI: Defence is false. So to is the left door but for a small square in the centre. This can be proven simply by throwing a mine on the door and watching it fly through. The door is false because the ship is used in the cinema at the end, where the doors open and close.

2) The cargo boxes in the hanger also have a 51 marked on them (Area 51), but on the other side they have a 12 (Reverse of 51) “Cheap Rare, cheap”, although this does conserve memory.

2) Want to blow up the Skedar ship in CI: Defence? Ok, have “All weapons” and anything else that takes your fancy on. At the beginning, rescue the hostages, and then go to the place were the Skedar ship appears. Plant a bunch of remote mines on this spot (A circle with a cross in the middle) and then 1 proximity mine in the middle. Now go to the firing range and get the RC-P120 from the case. As soon as you pick up the gun you will hear a big explosion, this is your friend (The Skadar) blowing up. As if you didn’t know, this is because the ship is programmed to appear when you complete the “Get experimental weapon” objective. When it does… Boom!!

3) CI: Defence (Again), counter or co-op. At the beginning, get the counter/co op player to go to the place where the Skedar ship appears. Place them so they can see the ship when it arrives, but not on the spot where it appears, now wait. Player one should now complete the hostage objective and go to the firing range. Smash the glass and grab the weapon. Now normally the Skedar ship would appear (Or land in our minds), but as we have someone in the vicinity looking at the spot, it doesn’t. The ship isn’t supposed to be seen appearing (Landing), so it doesn’t.

Just a few examples of what I’m sure are many. The same principles can be applied to other levels as well.

Entropicdeacy anagrams

Many people have had many ideas about what the username and password given after achieving perfect: 1 do. This section isn’t written to tell you what they mean, but to mealy give examples of what they could mean, and to help the grey matter get started.

I’ve been working on anagrams (for what seems like a life time now)..

Take the password: zero-tau, for example. The only anagram I’ve found for it is.. “Route A-Z”

But take the username: Entropicdecay, and you come up with a multitude of anagrams: (granted, some of them are very unlikely, but it give you an idea of what it could be).

“Tap in code crey”
“Type a code in CR”
“Type code in car”
“I encrypt a code” (The only one that’s not mine.. but it’s a real nice one)
“Do enter a piccy” (Perfect head?)
“I can try code PE” (or EP)
“Try CI deep C on A” (Carrington Institute-deep sea-Agent)
“Type in car code”
“Decoy tape NR CI” (Near Carrington institute)
“Ace decoy print”
“End it or pay cue”
“Y.I.O decent crap” (Why I owe..)
“Cry poe cant die”
“Prey at CID once”
“Creep in C today” (Sea)
“Pretend CIA coy”
“Ace trip on decy” (Christmas)
“Don’t pay Criece”
“Type DR on CI ace”
“Decoy prince at..”
“Coy pet and rice”
“Deep C toy in car” (Sea)
“Candy Cotee R.I.P”
“Read NYC port CI” (New York City) (Carrington Institute)
“Poetry can dice”
“Try CAD pie once” (Computer Aided Design)
“Pretend cocy AI” (Cocky Artificial Intelligence)
“Dope city near C” (I’m there)
“Tiny E code crap”
“Create copy in D” (or)
“Created in copy..”

This is only a few of what I’m sure is many, and I’m not in anyway saying that the username and password are anagrams, but it makes you wonder.

There are only a certain number of words that can be taken from “Entropicdecay”. Whilst doing this research I found near enough 150 of them. Now of course you can’t just take any number of words and make a sentence from them, you can only use the letters in Entropicdecay to make your sentence. Here is a list of all the best words/ abbreviations I’ve found, maybe you can make some sentences, just write every letter in “Entropicdecay” down separately on a bit of paper, and rearrange them until you have a sentence:

Pint, point, NYPD, city, intro, read, NYC, dear, pea, rice, dart, R.I.P, deer, poet, poetry, dance, art, code, encode, end, a, I, can, do, tree, trip, pot, nice, tend, prod, tape, cant, ant, cod, taper, drop, paint, tropic, port, note, pea, ten, coat, payed, pretend, AI, drape, tiny, copy, create, react, act, part, neat, peat, reaction, action, pear, prince, crypt, encrypt, on, no, yet, day, tide, rope, date, to, die, pod, tripod, pay, dot, dip, tea, tar, cent, train, drain, pic, pray, trace, trance, nip, dine, toad, road, tripe, cone, rape, ran, trio, pie, and, cat, dope, top, enter, dice, tray, act, trap, try, trend, ray, tan, CI, pain, rain, don’t, not, one, deep, ripe, nod, pride, decoy, rap, CD, decent, tin, tint, type, point, topic, print, near, once, today, creep, tone, toy, crap, piece, race, pet, eye, Inc, prey, diet, ear, peace, acid, race, PD, and ape.

Of course this is purely just me being inquisitive, and experimenting, but it makes you wonder.

Button glitch on Air Force one

Perfect agent:

Use any cheats you like, and complete the level up until you take the briefcase to the president. Talk to him, and then go to the cockpit at the front of the plane. Place a remote mine on the big red button in-between the two chairs and leave room. Detonate mine, wait for the smoke to clear and go back in. If you look at where the button was as soon as you open the door, you’ll find that it is now blue! On closer inspection you’ll find that the explosion destroyed the red button, and the blue you can see is actually the ocean bellow. There wasn’t any graphics behind the button. Simple glitch, no use, but fun never the less.

RC-P120's cloak dominant over cloaking device

Turn the “cloaking device” on, Solo or combat simulator ( On, as in using it ) and arm yourself with an RC-P120. Now hold B to change to secondary function ( Cloaking device ) and press Z. Your ammo will suddenly start to drop ( No usual cloaking sound though ) and you will now be using the gun’s cloak. This procedure ( Turning the gun cloak on ) has turned your “normal” cloaking device off. This can be proven by putting the gun back to it’s primary function ( Which was originally cloaked ) to find no cloak on.

The reverse can also be done ( Gun cloak on first, then cloaking device on ). With gun cloak on, select cloaking device and put in on. Nothing looks different ( Ammo still going down, and no sound of a cloak being put on ). Now put the gun back to it’s primary function. The ammo automatically stops ( Still no sound of a cloak going on or off ), and you’ll be cloaked ( Due to your normal cloaking device ). It’s here that the reverse ( Paragraph above ( Cloaking device to gun cloak ) kicks in. You can put the gun back into secondary function ( Ammo starts to go down again ) , but if you then go to the primary function again, you will turn off the cloak ( Sound at last !! ). The gun cloak seems to be the more dominant of the two cloaks, it even takes priority over the cloaking device - going as far as to turn it off. You’d have thought that the cloaking device would over power the RC-P120’s cloak, but it doesn’t.

Blow up dataDyne meeting

Gs building - reconnaissance. All weapons, cloaking and what ever else you want to help. Get to the part where you release the camspy (on the pipes) and release it through the hole (Just a little bit, we don't want to set the cut scene off now) and tuck it around the corner (to the right). Now we can have some fun with the cut scene. Play around, throw remote mine, knives, bolts etc.. into the meeting room. Now you have to be quick on the old trigger finger. Press start. Select rocket launcher then exit back to the action. There is only a very small hole that the rocket can fit through so you're going to have to be patient on this one (Perhaps do this bit first, until you are happy that you know where to have the cross hair to get through the hole). Once you are positive that the rocket is going to go through the hole you can aim, fire the rocket with Z and immidiatly press START (And i do mean immediatly!!) Now select camspy, exit back to the action and quickly hold forward on the analog stick. Now sit back and watch your camspy fly into the room as normal, closly followed by your rocket. The rocket should explode near the table (Mr Blonde is damned if he's going to let that stop the meeting) and should set off all the explosives in the room as well. Still, no-one dies, no-one even notices the explotions. Fun uh?

Also once when i was watch the G5 building meeting cut scene, trent came up in the elevator (nothing new there), but as he started to speak i pressed A or START to get me back to Joanna's body (Who was sat on the pipes looking in) and i saw Trent walking around through the hole-strange.

You can have lots of fun with this meeting. Try using the Farsight, X-ray and other gizmos.

Flying high in the sewers

Have a two player multi in sewers. Have both players as Mr Blond (He's tall) and both find a lift that touches the floor (The same lift) and stand at the bottom of it.P1 now waits for the lift to go up and runs under it and gets into an exact position (a corner will do) and waits for the lift to come down and pick him up. Now P2 waits for the lift to go up and gets into the exact same position as P1 was in. Now the fun beggins. When the lift comes down it will pick P2 up as well (and if done correctly will have one player ontop of the others shoulders). Now the lift goes up, and this is what i've found.. When the lift gets to the top both players will stop (It helps if one player(The one on the bottom)looks down to see what's going on)) The lift will move down again (With both players still floating at top ) and it will reach the bottom. Now when the lift starts to go up again, both players will move up as well (as if they were still on the lift) and this will push both players up and out of the level (Blackness).Then they will stop (when the lift stops) and the lift will go back down agin.. You can guess the rest. You will only get up to a certain hight before you can not get any higher (and the ground looks like it's miles away. Have fun (but not too much as one faulse move will send you either to your death, or just all the way back down to ground. One thing i have noticed is that one players screen will get all messed up if they move their gun around (It actualy produces some realy weired colours/ lines).

I've only found this to happen on the sewers (i'm sure it can be done on other levels) and only at this lift-(The top of lift is after a couple of ramps and passages all in a straight line. And the bottom is in a green coloured corner by a ramp). Have fun.

Crate race

Here's something a little quirky for you (Non impressive, just fun).

Make your way to the hanger in CI (Non solo), and grab the hover crate. Push it back towards the doors and you'll notice that they are closed. Nothing special in that. Now press START and change agent. Select agent and make your way to the hanger doors.

Your task, if you choose to except it:

Stand from where you can open the hanger doors and prepare to straff like hell. Open the doors and then head straight for the hover crate. Grab it, then race back to and through the doors before they close.

Difficulty setting: You decide.

This is very possible to do (Although a good few attempts will be needed) and believe me, you'll feel glade when / if you do it.

If you are having trouble completing the task: Read the description well, I have purposely worded it. Crate race anyone?

Direct the G5 meeting

(For a pictorial walkthrough, click here.)

Info: To be able do do this quirk, you will need a Cheat cartridge and a “Moon jump” code.

If you position your camspy ready to go into the meeting room (See first three pictures) and then set-up something / anything in the room before sending it in, then you can edit the cinema scene to have who ever / what ever I wanted in it (With in reason). Simply set up scene, and send in camara. So, to a list of things I've tried out. Edit the cinema cut scene:

- Have Joanna standing in the meeting room whilst Mr.blonde, Cassandra, Trent and his body guard discuss their business (Very strange to see, surreal even). Try having a large weapon out, this looks very odd.
- Place Joanna in the lift (Stranger and stranger)
- Play co-operative and have 4 Alien simulants and
Joanna in meeting room (Fantastic to watch, the rumours are bound to spread). When you fly over the wall (Moon jump) the Aliens actually open the locked door and enter the meeting room themselves.
- Place a Laptop gun anywhere where it will show up in the cinema scene (Try Mr.Blonde’s chair or the table next to Cassandra)
- Place mines on either character (Face preferably).
- Shoot either character in the head so much that their entire face / head turns a browny red (This is funny in the scene).
- Place a whole bunch of remote mines in the lift and then one proximity in the middle (See what happens when Trent walks in / out).
- Place mines everywhere, get a rocket launch out, fire a rocket, immediately go to camspy and drive it into the room (Interesting display a fire works), but why is no one dead?

There are so many possibilities here that the variations are seemingly endless.

When the cinema scene finishes, your view will go back to you and to wherever you were when you left your body. If you position yourself well inside the room, you can view all the characters leaving via the lift. They walk into it, then one by one disappear (And I do mean vanish instantly, not fade).

There are many more possibilities to be had here, and it’s up to the individual imagination to come up with a good edit to view. Try messing around with everything, and perhaps coming up with something I haven’t mentioned.

Important !!!

If anyone can think of a way to get into the meeting room before the meeting takes place, without the aid of a cheat cartridge, then please E-mail me. This would be the most ideal way to do this quirk (Then everyone could do it).

Lost city - Signs and symbols

First off, I didn’t discover the “Lost city”, nore did I name it (Did you?).

All screen shots however are mine, Kudrun. See here for pictorial walkthrough.)

“Lost city? What is he talking about?”:

By using a “moon jump” (Cheat cartridge) code on dataDyne central: Defection, it is possible to launch yourself off the building and hover out towards the distant buildings (Which are all “Pass-through-able”). Head straight in one direction and you will eventually pass outside the “level” area and into the “Lost city” area. This city is basically the shell of the city used in the intro cinematic scene to the level. For obvious reasons, the entire area is “walkthrough-able” and most of the backs of buildings are missing (Looks fine in the cinema though).

Just like the Chicago level there are many symbols and signs dotted around the Lost city. Click here to view them.

Walking bomb (Hover bike/ Hover crate)

Before I continue (And believe me, you’ll want me to continue) I must point out that this quirk / glitch would have never come tolight if Aelphaeis Mangarae hadn’t told me of the “Moving CI personnel “ glitch. All other credit though goes to me. This is ingenious:

From Jo’s computer consol head down stairs and go to the FR doors. Open them, turn 180 degrees around and look down at the floor. Moving backwards (And looking down) make your way inside the FR and back up against the first CI personnel (Can’t remember name) standing there “Ah, our star agent”. You should now be looking down at his feet with your back towards him.

By slowly moving forward and alternating between a left and right strafing motion, it is possible to make your friend follow you (Slowly). Remember, you must remain looking at the floor at all times (Unless it pops up quickly because you pressed forward too hard) and you must keep him behind you. If you hear him say his next saying (Like “I’ve zeroed the sights, the rest is up to you”) then you’ve turned around too much and he will become frozen. You wont be able to move him and you’ll have to either play a solo, play a combat or change agent to rest and start again.

Once you have got him following you, walk towards the FR glass door and open it. Make him follow you all the way in and begin a “Bronze remote mine challenge”. This is a bit tricky, so listen up. You must carefully place mines on the mid section of his body. The tricky part is getting the angel right. If you move either side of him he will turn to follow, so you must find a position that allows you to throw mines on him without setting off his next speech line. Remember, do NOT ever turn to face him. Instead, stand a little to one side of him and angel your aim as near to his groin as possible. You may not see the mine once you’ve thrown it (It may stick to his arm or chest) but you want to get a good sizable number (Around 25-30) before you’re done.

Positioning the mines right is vital. Some on his legs will do, but any on his feet will not stick. When you have what you believe to be enough mines in the right places, end the challenge. Move around him (Still with your back to him) and shuffle over to the door. Open it and walk him out.

Now this next part is going to take some time, so be patient. You need to walk him (In the way that you have been doing) all the way down to where the hover bike area is (Default location) and position him out of the way in the shadows to the right (From where you enter the area). When he is there, look up (Must have back to him) and run forward. Now, so long as you don’t look in his direction he will stand there and wait for you to pick him up again.

Walk over to the hover bike and mount it. Drive it up the ramp and wedge it into the hallway stoppage. When you get off the bike it will push you forward of it’s self and you’ll have to run all the way around and back to the area you left your friend. Even before you enter this area you must turn 180 degrees around, look down at the floor and edge your way over too him backwards. When you see his feet, position yourself ready and slowly walk him towards the (Now positioned) hover bike.

Things start to get a little delicate now as you need to position him directly behind the bike. He needs to be facing forward and with the mines as close to (Or even touching) the centre of the back of the bike. When he is positioned, look up and spin around to face him (Hold R to make sure you don’t move) and he’ll say his line and become statute.

Now jump onto the hover bike (Can be a little tricky) and then jump straight back off again and run for the FR. Once there, select “Bronze Farsight challenge” and aim for the mines on his body. Fire it, watch the explosion and see the bike pass through the first stoppage!!! You now have the hover bike further up the ramp (Towards the second stoppage) and the ability to use the hover crate! Ingenious or what.

Cheat cartridge websites:

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