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Direct / edit the G5 meeting

Cinema cut-scene editing:

If you position your camspy ready to go into the meeting room (See first three pictures) and then set-up something / anything in the room before sending it in, then you can edit the cinema scene to have who ever / what ever I wanted in it (With in reason). Simply set up scene, and send in camara. So, to a list of things I've tried out. Edit the cinema cut scene:

- Have Joanna standing in the meeting room whilst Mr.blonde, Cassandra, Trent and his body guard discuss their business (Very strange to see, surreal even). Try having a large weapon out, this looks very odd.
- Place Joanna in the lift (Stranger and stranger)
- Play co-operative and have 4 Alien simulants and
Joanna in meeting room (Fantastic to watch, the rumours are bound to spread). When you fly over the wall (Moon jump) the Aliens actually open the locked door and enter the meeting room themselves.
- Place a Laptop gun anywhere where it will show up in the cinema scene (Try Mr.Blondeís chair or the table next to Cassandra)
- Place mines on either character (Face preferably).
- Shoot either character in the head so much that their entire face / head turns a browny red (This is funny in the scene).
- Place a whole bunch of remote mines in the lift and then one proximity in the middle (See what happens when Trent walks in / out).
- Place mines everywhere, get a rocket launch out, fire a rocket, immediately go to camspy and drive it into the room (Interesting display a fire works), but why is no one dead?

There are so many possibilities here that the variations are seemingly endless.

When the cinema scene finishes, your view will go back to you and to wherever you were when you left your body. If you position yourself well inside the room, you can view all the characters leaving via the lift. They walk into it, then one by one disappear (And I do mean vanish instantly, not fade).

There are many more possibilities to be had here, and itís up to the individual imagination to come up with a good edit to view. Try messing around with everything, and perhaps coming up with something I havenít mentioned.

Important !!!

If anyone can think of a way to get into the meeting room without the aid of a cheat cartridge then please E-mail me. This would be the most ideal way to do this quirk (Then everyone could do it).

Examples of editing:

All screen shots are mine, Kudrun. Please E-mail me.

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