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The lost city

First off, I didn’t discover the “Lost city”, nore did I name it (Did you?).

All screen shots however are mine, Kudrun. See bottom for rights of copy.

This page will take a short while to load (I'm sure you wont mind). This a small price to pay for viewing the very first complete shot walkthrough to the lost city. If you have problems, please refresh the page.

Lost city? What is he talking about?”:

By using the “moon jump” code (From Action replay headquarters) on dataDyne central: Defection, it is possible to launch yourself off the building and hover out towards the distant buildings (Which are all “Pass-through-able”). Head straight in one direction and you will eventually pass outside the “level” area and into the “Lost city” area. This city is basically the shell of the city used in the intro cinematic scene to the level. For obvious reasons, the entire area is “walkthrough-able” and most of the backs of buildings are missing (Looks fine in the cinema though).

Here is a pictorial walkthrough to the lost city (From the dataDyne skyscraper to where the cinema begins):

Random shots:

Symbols / signs

There are many symbols and signs dotted around the city. I have captured them all, and they can be viewed here .

If you would like to use any of these pictures then please E-mail me.


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