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Perfect symbols

Throughout Perfect dark levels there can be viewed many symbols / signs (The Chicago level being the most abundant). Some are obvious as to what they are / mean, some on the other hand have had to have been translated.

Chicago: Stealth:

Translations: (In order, running from left to right)

- "Heaven; Emperor", "Rich; Wealthy", "Field; Wild"
- "Field; Wild", "Fang"
- "Season", "Legend; Tranmission; Tradition", "Heaven; Emperor"
- "ZAZ" (Who knows?)
- "Release the beaast" (A reference?)
- Spaceman / motercyclist (A reference?)
- "Pd" (Perfect dark symbol)
- "CAB LJR..." (LJR? Initials?)
- "BIG BOY" (Reference to a Rare member?)
- "East; Eastern Japan", "Husband"
- "Season", "Ability"
- "FBI" (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
- "Heaven; Emperor", "Legend; Tranmission; Tradition", "Rich; Wealthy"
- "Emperor", "Number"
- "Sword", "Legend; Tranmission; Tradition"
- "RB" (Ross Bury)

The lost city:

Translations: (In order, running from left to right)

- Mans face; "Last battle"
- Other mans face
- Womans face; "Last battle"
- "Ice"
- "Last battle"
- "ANAL LAND 11 10 '129" (I have absolutely no idea)



KMR-130873 (On the side of the submarine at the end of Pelagic 2)
R- 3173-B (On the wheel of Air force one)
XD-310372 (The registration no. of Elvis’s aircraft seen in briefing to Maian sos)


Letters: Quite simply, they are the initials of three members of Rare:

RB – Ross Bury (*Bionic backgrounds)
KMR – Keith M Rabbette (*Dynamic backgrounds)
XD – Chris Darling (Christmas = Xmas, Chris = x (X is short for Chris (*Weapons specialist)

*See credits after Skedar ruins.

Ross Bury also crops up in other places throughout the game:

Rb – dataDyne Research: Investigation – On pipe in floor in room with scientist who sets off alarm (See above).
RB – Chicago: Stealth – Graffiti on wall (See above)
ROSSORAMA – Air force one – Tv screen on plane “Ross ‘o’ Rama“

He, of course did some of the backgrounds in Perfect dark, and so it’s no surprise to see his stamp on things.

Figures: As pointed out to me my “Double0Bond”, the figures which come after the letters, are the birthdays of the said member:

R- 3173-B:……….3, 1, 73 (Jan 3rd 1973)
KMR-130873:….13, 8, 73 (Aug 13th 1973)
XD-310372:…….31, 3, 72 (Mar 31st 1972)

Translations by members of " - Forums"

All screen shot are mine, Kudrun. Please E-mail me.