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OTV back issues: year three (2001)

all 2001 issues are catalogued in e-mail and print form. if you would like a copy of any of these issues, just put in a request and i'll hook you up...

jrs addresses the end of the VERGE and the beginning of a new phase for an ongoing experiment, steve crognale shares what he learned from jenny toomey, and reviews of Will.I.Am., N.E.R.D. (Neptunes), Lovage (a Dan The Automator project), and more.

the VERGE gives thanks with a media feast. mikal lee shares his insight on the next wave of lyricists, tonypuma runs down his top five Web sites, and reviews of Dilated Peoples, Aphex Twin, Craig David, Negativland, and many more.

jrs voices his opinion on september 11th, plus reviews of Björk, Herbie Hancock, Artful Dodger, Ursula Rucker, and Yesterday’s New Quintet.

jrs speaks on life, love, and music, plus reviews of Macy Gray, Jay Dee, AFX (Aphex Twin), Prefuse 73, Serge Gainsbourg, and others.

fitz on Riz Maslen, tom wilson on two-step, and reviews of Tricky, DJ Krush, Modjo, Matmos, and more.

vic feedle waxes mystical about Mystikal, and reviews of Gorillaz, Stereo MCs, and more.

jrs speaks on the joys of mix tapes, chloe peeps Dancer In The Dark, mr. fitz’s top ten, and reviews for MJ Cole, Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, Dido, Kid 606, and more.

jrs mourns the loss of a local gathering spot as well as the death of a punk rock icon, vic feedle’s HEADZ UP! column, and reviews of KRS-ONE, King Britt, India.Arie, and more.

the VERGE fires up the wayback machine and digs deep for forgotten audio treasures, chloe’s video column (SEEN?), and reviews of Finley Quaye, DJ Food, Shawn Lee, Res, and others.

sprout offers up his views on the next wave of hip-hop, a label spotlight on Stones Throw Records, vic feedle’s HEADZ UP! column, and reviews of Tricky, Eminem, Mirwais, Pepe Deluxe, and more.

vic feedle with a Black History lesson that only he could bring, chloe’s SEEN? column returns for its second year, and reviews of the Snatch soundtrack, Cex, Daniel Givens, Hausmeister, and Bob Ostertag.

jrs rings in the new year (kinda), mr. fitz goes ga-ga for box sets, the VERGE reveals their top picks of 2000, and reviews of Biz Markie, De La Soul, Modjo, Planet Mu Allstars, and others.

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