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Hyper-spacial tunneling

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Phoenic Project, Global Communications Group Space Systems.
Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.

Interesting links on topics similar to the power generation methods and propulsion mentioned by the Disclosure Project: Note the reference to ZPE below: ( from For traveling vast distances, such as from earth to the nearest solar system, our ship will tunnel.
Tunneling is a commonplace phenomenon at sub-nuclear levels and occurs in semiconductors, nuclear fusion, and the tunneling electron microscope. Unitel will use the lens to generate electromagnetic bucking waves, denoting a direct interaction with the zero point energy (ZPE). The ZPE is found in the vacuum of space. It is referred to as zero point, because the energy is not thermal in nature. The ZPE consist of random quantum fluctuation. Acting as a single giant electron, the Unitel spaceship will tunnel through the fabric of spacetime to arrive at a calculated destination. The same distance could take eons to travel by conventional means. In this manner, our vehicle will demonstrate superluminal or faster than light capabilities..." over-unity device (from The StarDrive Dynamo, whose general design and operating characteristics are shown in the main Website linked to this page, is an over-unity device which produces a high-energy external electrodynamic field; and as such, it is therefore subject to a certain amount of disbelief on the part of electrical engineering 'traditionalists'. However, recent breakthroughs in quantum theory clearly show that an intense standing electric arc discharge is capable of absorbing tremendous quantities of background electromagnetic energy, which goes a long way toward explaining the long-standing mysteries of natural lightning. Thus, just like any bolt of lightning, a StarDrive Dynamo's output is recovered from ambient photonic energy by the electrons comprising it's electrodynamic field."... There also seem to be a number of sites on the internet dedicated to experimentation in related areas. There is even a link to build your own electric lifter/anti-grav device If you have not seen these yet, it might be worth a look. 1. Start with a related NASA patent: "the use of no moving parts to create thrust in a gaseous environment" NASA Patent: (111;TOP8-80;0;1 ) 2. Site where persons have replicated this and related technologies: Push here! 3. Build your own lifter: Build Now1 4. Worldwide replications of this technology: Reproduce
Other links: Hi ALL, Some amazing and interesting websites about Zero (Vacuum) Point, Free Energy and what related to those. 1) Understanding Zero Point (from: Integrity Research Institue) Zero Point 2) CAN THE VACUUM BE ENGINEERED FOR SPACEFLIGHT APPLICATIONS? (By H. E. Puthoff, Ph.D.) Also "Creation of Energy & Matter": 3 Free Energy - The N-Machine (Scientists Claim To Tap The Free Energy of Space. By Richard Walters) Also (Finnish Scientists Discover Anti-Gravity Device. By Robert Matthews and Ian Sample) Besides there is (Electrogravitics Experiments - Pt1) 4) FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (by Robert E. McElwaine, Physicist) 5) Window's Pollution-Free Energy Generatory 6) Free-Energy, Antigravity, UFO, Hydrogen, Alternative fuels, Alchemy, Psionics, Tim... (you will see Related Links such as Time Travel, Energy machine of Joseph Newman, etc. etc.) 7) The Free Energy Page (This is a collection of documents, JPEG pictures, and MPEG movies about "free energy" or "over unity" machines, as discussed in the USENET group theories 8) Free Electric Power 9) Magnetic Energy To Heat The Planet (Visualize Planetary Healing) 10) Free energy generation by means of alternating electric field (by Alexander V. Frolov - St. Petesburg, May 8, 2000) 11) You will see "Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health", etc. in the first page of "KeelyNet" Also 'in files' you will see: 12) An Ancient Mystery Solved (a book by which Johann Bessler utilized the earth's gravitational field in his so-called 'perpetual motion machine' in the year 1712- and ultimately provide a solution to the energy crisis. 13) NO ELECTRIC BILLS 14) Free energy with wires and magnets - can you come out ahead? (The basics of magnets and wires for free energy buffs. Prepared by Tom Napier) Hoping to start our lifes with energy source with free of charge, our new age starships may wiil be able to make journies with zero point energy! Golden love and its light. lezizbiri

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