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Survival! This is dedicated to my family and friends world-wide. As the race of humans inhabiting a technological society, we must preserve the knowlege of survival from our ancestors.

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Click Here! Amaranth a Healthy Grain for Vegetarian Recipes by Karen Railey

Click Here! This is a selling, trading and buying list with the emphasis on things we need to survive any emergency from minor to major. This list will not be used for weapons, illigal or immoral items. The intent is service to others, and survival of the human race. Please include contact informaation and other pertinate details

Click Here! The ABC's of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical survival

Click Here! Breads Beverages Dehydrated Foods


Living Water

Click Here! Bamboo World

Click Here! Wilderness Survival Skills: Building the "Debris Hut" By Ken Davison


Click Here! Recipes collected and tried over the years. Unusual but tasty.

Click Here! Cover Crop and Forage Seed Sources Legumes, grasses and other species for improving pastures and building soil.

Free Shipping on Jerry Baker Books

Click Here! DRAGON'S LAIR FARM Homesteading Pamphlets Freeze-dried Foods Food Storage Planning Service by 30-year Homesteaders!

Click Here! The Definitive Source for Independent Reviews & Information on Outdoors Gear and Survival Equipment and Techniques

Click Here! The Rules of the camp fire.

Click Here! Subject: How to survive a heart attack when when alone

disaster Magazine

Click Here! Well drilling and water dowsing for survival

Click Here! Automotive survival far from civilization.


Click Here! Plants listed in A Modern Herbal, which contain recipes

Solar Shower

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Click Here! Honey Recipes

Click Here! Purveyors of Strictly Medicinal® Seeds and Live Roots “Sowing seeds worldwide for the benefit of people, plants and the planet.”

Click Here! Gentle_Survivalist_Homesteader A place to share survival and homesteading skills without hate or anger towards anyone. Canning, hunting, animals, natural health, old skills & new skills, sharing, herbalism, midwifery, woodwork, cabin dwelling, outdoor living, gardens, and any skill that should not be lost to modern life. All political messages will be deleted. Come build your virtual cyber homestead right here!


Click Here! Herb Seed Index & Growing Guide

Click Here! MULBERRY

Click Here! Food & Recipes

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Click Here! Nuclear War Survival Skills


Click Here! Nuclear War Survival Skills Updated and Expanded 1987 Edition Cresson H. Kearny

Click Here! The pole shift, accelerating, severe world-wide weather changes, the threat of WW3, the approach of Nibiru/Planet X, the destructive 10th planet...all of these things are coming about or have the potential to happen within the next 2 years. What have you done to prepare? Don't let the misinformation about Y2K embarrass you away from preparing for the real thing.

Click Here! OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SKILLS Revised and Expanded Sixth Edition by Larry Dean Olsen Foreword by Robert Redford

Click Here! A resource for those who enjoy eating meat, wearing fur and leather, hunting, and the fruits of scientific research (and more!).

Click Here! Pocket Survival Kits by James Kits contain back country survival essentials for mountaineers, hikers, hunters, snowmobilers, travelers, pilots, mountain bikers, skiers, ranchers, fishermen, boaters, kayakers, sailors, campers, researchers, surveyors, field workers, geologists, biologists, archaeologists, foresters, and all who venture beyond the bounds of routine life.

Click Here! Primitive-Skills-Group

Click Here! Rabbit Recipes

Click Here!Parboiled rice or rice powder gruel (Molla, Ahmed and Greenough, 1985), rice water (Wong, 1981; Rivera et al., 1983) and extrusion-cooked rice (Tribelhorn et al., 1986) have all been effectively used for the treatment of non-infectious diarrhoea since starch has a lower osmolality than glucose.

Click Here! Soil pH

Click Here! World War III Watch Would you survive a nuclear blast?

Click Here! Are you a survivor? Do you have the skills and the knowledge to stay alive in a life threatening situation? If you're not sure, you can start training here. Learn about first aid, navigational skills, and survival training. Learn about building shelters, surviving extreme weather conditions, ways to build a fire without matches, and where to find food. Then take a virtual survival test. Did you survive?

Click Here! "Why is there a Y2k Website if Y2k is long over?"

Click Here! Wilderness Way

Click Here! Expert Reviews and Sources... ...for the best books on self-sufficiency, natural living, primitive skills and survival

Click Here! Reviews and sources for books and videos on natural hide tanning

Click Here! View our collection of products primarily to serve the purpose of self-preservation. Consider these products as tools to put you in a state of full readiness.

Click Here! The Homesteading Resource

Click Here! House Plants

Click Here! Toxic Plants by Degree of Toxicity

Click Here! Plants by the Animals Affected

Click Here! Mother Earth News

Click Here! When Your Income Drops: Sharpen Survival Skills Michele Merfeld Department of Consumer and Family Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia

Click Here! Wilderness Survival

Click Here! More Wilderness Survival

Click Here! Free Outdoors

Click Here! Survival Products

N allbrands

Click Here! Candle Making

Click Here! Chickens

Click Here! Home Butchering and Meat Preservation by Geeta Dardick

Click Here! We sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, gardening books, indoor gardening equipment, and other gardening products.

Click Here! We sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, gardening books, indoor gardening equipment, and other gardening products.

Click Here! Current Issue Of Countryside

Click Here! DAN'S GARDEN SHOP, 5821 Woodwinds Circle, Frederick, MD 21703.

Click Here! Custom Butchering Polo Style, 1931 by Lyndell C. Miller

Click Here!, the source for old-fashioned, hard-to-find items such as pickle kegs, grain mills, wooden barrels, hand water pumps, wood cookstoves, heating stoves, canning supplies, and much, much more.

Click Here! Meat and food processing supplies and equipment for commercial and home butchering and packaging.

Click Here! Happy Hovel Storable Foods was established in Yelm, Washington 15 years ago, to meet a growing demand for food especially prepared so it could be put away for long periods, 10-20 years without spoiling and without needing refrigeration.

Click Here! Preserving Meats

Click Here! Happy Hovel Storable Foods was established in Yelm, Washington 15 years ago, to meet a growing demand for food especially prepared so it could be put away for long periods, 10-20 years without spoiling and without needing refrigeration.

Click Here! Remember Mama's Recipes Compiled by Marlene and Mabel Mertz in 1973 by the Stirling, Alberta LDS Woman's Organization

Click Here! Manner of preserving eggs perfectly fresh for 12 months

Click Here! Best Pickled Eggs in all of Ottawa Submitted by: Brenda Moore

Click Here! Offering the Best in Home Dairying Supplies.

Click Here! Buy Military Surplus directly from the Government

Click Here! Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply We supply equipment, supplies and accessories for making cheese, including molds, ingredients, and other cheesemaking supplies.

Click Here! Whenever possible, use stainless steel equipment. It may cost more, but it's worth it. It is easily cleaned, which is very important in cheesemaking, where cleanliness is of the utmost importance

Click Here! Every quarter, Native Peoples Magazine features recipes from the cuisine of Beverly Jacobs and Martin Cox for you to add to your culinary repertiore!

Click Here1 Native Recipes

Click Here! NatureNode Wild Food Recipes Submit a nature recipe to the NatureNode These are the wild food recipes that did not fit into the herb, mushroom, or insect categories. Half the fun of eating wild foods is getting outside and tracking them down...getting back to our human roots. Happy wild food hunting!!

Click Here! At Wild Oats, We sell food that remembers its roots.™

Click Here! Fiddleheads Morel Mushrooms Ramps & Wild Leeks Chanterelle Mushrooms Recipes

Click Here! To discuss all facets of the information as given by the Andromedan Council through Alex Collier, but not limited to such. This includes the coming dimensional shift into 5th density by 2013, the alien agenda, our spiritual awakening, NWO, Chemtrails etc.

Click Here! Stalking the Wild Asparagus Euell Gibbons Margaret F. Schroeder (Illustrator) John McPhee

Click Here! Wild Edible Plant Links & Resources

DON'T Click Here!

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Click Here! Second Ammendment Junque

Click Here! Survival Items

Click Here! Emergency Child Birthing

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