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Are you prepared? Minimum proper preparations include all those wacko 'survivalist' items still gathering dust from the 'Y2K' non-event, including six months worth of cash (safely distributed and cached); six months worth of food, toiletries and staples (ditto); six months worth of, er, the usual supply of, uh, 2nd Amendment items (ditto); a reliable method of water filtration; potassium iodide for your thyroid (see Click Here) plus colloidal silver and tetracycline (available from any health food and tropical fish store, respectively) for those less-than-totally-nasty designer bugs, and some remedies from your local homeopath for the really nasty bugs like anthrax and smallpox. Add a deck of cards, a radiation dosimeter, a can opener, a guitar, your dog-eared copy of '101 Things To Do Until The Revolution' by Claire Wolf, and you're all set.

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