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Living water

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> New concepts and Ideas are coming
> -------------------------------- > Drunvalo: Ok. We are ready to begin now. > What I am about to tell you about today is one of the more exciting > things that I have seen in this world in a long time.
> > This is brand new; you've never heard me talk about it before and it > is just beginning in the planet right now. As I see it, we are never > going to be the same after this is understood and it is actually > really lived in this world.

> > About six years ago, I was in meditation with a man called [Chichi > Tad Armachid Vollites (???)], some of you know this [poet (???)]. > And, in a single day, he said he had to leave, that him and most of > the ascended masters, not all of them, but a great deal of them, had > to go on a journey to another universe to live the experience of what > we are all going to live very soon, so that they could find a pathway > to this new world, this new way of being. And, for about the last six > years, I have been alone with the angels and he's been gone.

> > In January of this year, the angels came in and they said that many > of them are now returning in the Egyptian window which is between > January 10th and January 19th. That a certain group of them was > coming back, and were bringing with them the knowledge of what they'd > learned over the last six years. Which, in the other dimensional > levels was really hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years. And > that, with their coming back, new concepts and new ideas that mankind > has never known or ever even conceived of before, would now [emerge > (???)] on the earth. Ideas we've never ever thought of.

> > So, I am going to give you one of these new ideas, that has... it's > new, but it is always in the universe. But we have never seen it ever > before, not ever. And, I am going to call this talk, Mother Earth -

> The New Consciousness and Sacred Water. > Laying the Groundwork > ---------------------

> I am going to talk about water. In fact, I am going to drink some > right now (laughter).

> > Water is more than we know. In order to talk about what is going on > with water, I have to begin by laying out some groundwork so you can > understand a larger context of what I am really talking about here. > So, let's imagine ourselves coming in from space for the first time > into this solar system. As we pass through all of these different > planets, through the outer planets of Pluto and Neptune. As we are > making our way in towards the sun, we come to this planet here, that > we are on, which is unique and different from all the other ones > because it is a water planet. Almost all of the surface of this > planet is water. And when you come down to the surface of this > planet, the beings that live here, the humans, the dogs, the cats, > the trees, and all the life forms that live here, come from water, > and are made of water. Our bodies are almost all water.

> > As we live on this water planet, in water bodies, we are attracted to > water. If you move through the forest and you come to a river, your > heart is pulled to that place, because you can feel the life energy > that is there.
> > Water is... alive. It's more alive than we know. And I'm beginning to > truly understand what the ancients have said, that the waters are > living waters.
> > There was a man named Jesus who began his ministry with baptism; > baptism into water. What does that mean? What does it really mean to > be baptized in the water?
> > To explain this a little bit, I have to go a little bit mathematical > in a way. In ancient times, there were five shapes, the five Platonic > solids. Each one of these five Platonic solids had an element > associated with them. There was the tetrahedron, the cube, the > octahedron, the icosahedron, and the dodecahedron. The tetrahedron > was fire. The cube was the earth. The octahedron was air. And the > icosahedron was water. And the dodecahedron was prana, or ether. >
> The icosahedron and the dodecahedron are linked together. You can't > talk about one without the other. They are what are called in > mathematics the duals of each other. You can create one from the > other. >
> The icosahedron, being water, was the aspect that this earth was > missing since the time of Atlantis. So, the Great White Brotherhood, > for the last 13,000 years, and everything that these [decided two > orders (???)] have been doing has been around bringing back of the > consciousness of water and prana together. Consciousness of water. It > really is that simple. That is all that they've been doing. (Ed: The > word "White" in this case has nothing to do with race; rather it > stands for that aspect of being that includes all colors within it > and, additionally, for purity). >

> If we look at the DNA that which encodes our information, it is made > up of only the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. That's all it is. It > is water and prana put together. >
> The Christ grid that is around the earth, that we are all familiar > [with (???)], that the Great White Brotherhood has been working on > for 13,000 years, so that we can move into the next consciousness, is > made up of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron: water and prana. >

> There is so much around this; there is no way I'd be able to do this > in an hour. I can only just give you a little bit. I can't really > give you everything here right now, but I will really do my best. > All I can say is that there is something very very very special about > water; especially water of a certain kind of nature that will change > this world. >

> Structured vs. Unstructured Water > ---------------------------------

> I will talk now about research that was done in the past around water > so you can begin to get a framework to begin to discuss what's now > happening in the world. >
> In the University of Georgia, I don't know how long ago it was, it > was in the early 1990s, they discovered that every cell in your body > that is diseased, or that is harmed in one way or another is > surrounded by something called unstructured water. Always, whatever > the disease is, it's always surrounded by this unstructured water. > They discovered that ever healthy cell, no matter which cell it is, > is always surrounded by structured water. >
> So, what is the difference? It is extremely simple. The only > difference is in the number of electrons that are in the outer > orbits. That is it! >

> That unstructured water is missing these outer electrons. And it > causes disease. And water that has these outer electrons and their > shells are completed, is healthy. >
> Water flowing through rivers and lakes in natural situations that are > not polluted; that water is structured. > > However, water that goes through a pipe, which almost all of our > water that goes into our bodies does, is unstructured. It only takes > just a few feet of moving through a pipe under pressure and the water > can't rotate the way that it wants to. Instead, it is forced to move > in concentric rings. And these concentric rings, rip off the outer > electrons and form unstructured water. >

> We are kind of doing what they did in Rome a long time ago... like > eating off of lead plates. We are drinking out of high-pressured > water pipes that produce disease. >
> There have been many people since this time, when they discovered > this, when they realized, "Oh my God, we are drinking water that is > killing us, what will we do about it?" Then, many many researchers > that began to look for ways to quickly restructure the water. > One of these was [Walter Von Gardner (???)]. He is a genius in water > and probably knows more about it than anybody in the world. He used > to be the head of the Walter Russell School for a long time. And he > created this sort of an egg shaped glass container that if you put in > water in there and certain minerals, colloidal minerals, and stir it > in a certain kind of way, that this water became structured and > became super alive. >

> If you took a Kirilian photograph of the glass of water before and > after. The water, before it used to literally kind of glow of white > light around it. But, afterwards, here was a ball of white light > about this big around the glass of water. You couldn't even see the > glass it was so bright. >
> And people were beginning to understand the difference between > structured and unstructured water. After finding, they began to do > research into microclusters and different kinds of water. He found > that if you put magnets in a hexagonal shape, and ran water through > it, it instantaneously structured the water. >
> And so they started doing research in things like swimming pools and > hot tubs. Where you could run water going through these pools, the > water would not grow bacteria, because it kept it alive. >
> However, the research we did on this when we looked at it, and was > able to put it up onto our computer screens to see, like water that > was structured in this way. We discovered that it didn't even look > like water. It looked like acid. And we began to ask, are we doing > more harm than good? Cause, we were like babies, trying to understand > something that we just barely knew. And then, a group of people > decided to make the water move in rotational patterns in the way it > wants to, which was one of the primary keys to make a water alive > again. >

> And they found that there were 12 metals. That if you made these 12 > metals in a certain way, and the water could move around them, that > the water became super alive immediately, without any of this fancy > stuff that [Walter Von Gardner (???)] was doing. > > There was some research done in California in an orange grove, which > was astounding! They took an orange grove that... they picked this > grove because it had consistently given the same yield every year for > ten years in a row. It gave two yields every year and the number of > oranges was almost exactly the same. > > So they went there and changed these little nozzles, and they put > them to feed each of the trees. That was the only change they made. > And, immediately, instantaneously, it went from two yields to five > yields. And those yields were 20% higher than before. All they did > was sending living water into the trees. > > Many people have been doing research around this. I cannot bring up > all of them... everything they have said and they've done. But, it's > been real clear to people who are involved in water that there is > something that we have forgotten, or something that we have done, > that has changed things, about that idea of what water is. >

> In 1996, I was approached by two people, one named Bob Dratch and > Slim Spurling who had created a.... had taken the water from a rain > cloud, right before it was going to dump water, before it was going > to rain... and had taken that through something called a molecular > emission scanner, put it through a special set of software, and into > a computer, and then reprogrammed that, that microwave emissions into > a sound which you could hear. That sound was then transmitted by an > antenna, a coil that Slim made called a Harmonizer, which would > projected out in the atmosphere for about 35 miles around. >
> They did this in Denver, through the year of 1995. It actually began > in 1994 and they quit in 1996. For the one single year of 1995 in > Denver, they had this running, they were just simply projecting out > the energy of a rain cloud. Denver became the cleanest it was in the > history of their recording... ever, for one year. The moment they > quit, in 1996, it became polluted again. > > They asked me to begin to do research in this also. In June of 1996, > in Phoenix Arizona, we began to do a similar test using something > called the R-2, which is certain little coils combined in a way, that > act as an antenna to put out whatever waveform or vibration we > wished. >

> At that time, Phoenix was in the most polluted state it had ever been > in its recorded history. They were going into a "serious" rating, and > the government itself was freaked out, because they didn't know what > to do. They wouldn't allow us to do the research let us say, legally, > so we had to use certain laws for us to do this work without their > welcome, and we did it anyway. >
> From September 1st of 1996 the system was running fully until May of > 1998. We noticed that a city as polluted, that you could hardly > breathe in, you couldn't even see more than a few blocks, in the city > was so bad. In a very short time, went clear and clean and you could > breathe again. That the birds and the animals came back. That the > whole nature of the clouds above it changed, that the smell went > away, it got clean. It became very exciting. I thought that we had > really found a true answer, for the world to turn itself clean of the > pollution. >
> And it did work! From September 1st of 1996 until May of 1998. > Phoenix was the cleanest it has ever been in their recorded history. > We had the hydrocarbons in the center of the city down to single > digits and many times down to zero... not recording anything at all, > it was so clean. >
> This was encouraging, because you see, from everything I am being > told from the Ascended Masters and from the angelic realms, we can't > leave here until we clean up our place. It is part of our > consciousness. It was our consciousness that created the earth the > way and state that it is now. In a state where it is dying. And > before we leave, it is our responsibility, as spiritual beings, with > the awareness that is now emerging on this earth, to clean our world > and to bring in back into health the way it was before. > > I have been working in every way I know, to fulfill this. > > Clustered Water > --------------- > Fourteen years ago, a new kind of water emerged on the earth; a water > never seen before, never heard of, never known existed. > This water is called clustered water. The water looks under a > microscope like snowflakes. It's formed in little hexagons, little > hexagonal patterns. This water is found in all babies: human babies, > baby trees, baby horses. All babies are filled with clustered water. > But very soon, we lose that, and it goes into structured water. And > then very soon, because of the way we live in this polluted world, it > begins to move into unstructured water. > > This is a... The research around clustered water is new. It appears > to be a definite step forward in allowing consciousness inside the > human body to emerge faster. > > Part II - The Miracle > The Discovery of a New Type of Water > But now, something else has happened. Something that so > extraordinary... I don't even know how to actually tell you this. > I'll do my best. > > Ten years ago... a little more I believe, there was a small group of > very old Sufi masters, that were chanting Zikhr in Turkey. They are > quiet, and nobody knows about them. And they have been creating > something; or, allowing something to come through them that mankind > has never seen. > > One of these men came forth from this group. He is also a Sufi > master, he is 78 years old. He looks like and feels like he is about > 40. You'd never know that he an older person. He gave something to > the world... he just gave them some water. Some water that mankind > has never seen. He said, "Here, this is for the healing of the > world". > > They began to do research. And they found that whenever they put this > water, in a polluted lake, or a polluted river, then it would > immediately, within days, usually 3 or 4 days, the whole lake, the > whole river would go absolutely clean, the way it was 1000 years ago. > Even the sediment and everything inside there. > > Nobody could believe it, but they had to believe it because they > could see it. But, they couldn't believe it. And they continued to do > research for 10 years. > > In January, which happens to be exactly in the Egyptian window when > the angels were telling me that something new is going to emerge on > the earth, they tried to get in contact with me. But I was too busy > roaming around the world. They kept trying and trying. And I kept > saying "No, no, I can't do this, I don't have time". > > Finally, about three months ago, I still didn't have time, but I sent > some of the people I work with into Florida to see if what they were > saying was really true. These were people who were trained and could > identify if this was something real or just an illusion. > They couldn't... they got on the phone with me and they couldn't even > talk. They were like children, they were so excited. They were just > going, "I can't believe this, it's really real". It actually was > true! > > The Demonstration Meeting > > And so I just came back from a meeting in Washington D.C., in a > secret little room with the military, the Air Force, the army, the > CIA, the FBI... (laughter) all those guys, about 15 high high level > physicists and chemists from major corporations. This was being held > in a Fortune 500 corporation. > > I had to sign all of these documents that I would be careful about > what I say. But they are letting me say what I can say, and what I > can say is good enough. > > They first brought two big containers of polluted water. One of them > smelled like sewage. It was brown, it was yucky, and it was about as > bad as you can get. And they put that there. The second one was > another kind of yellowish colored brown polluted water that smelled > like gasoline and oil and obviously had chemicals inside of it. And > it was hard to even get your nose into that either. > > They put them up high, and Mr. Ayhan Doyuk said, "Now this is like a > lake". And he took about a teaspoonful, which he said was way more > than was needed but they did that so that it would go faster, he put > a little teaspoonful of water in there and stepped back so that there > would be no influence. And, very slowly, over two hours, we watched > both of these waters, the pollution slowly head towards the bottom. > What was above was the cleanest, clearest water you could imagine, > until they were all the way down at the bottom. And there was > nothing, even the sediment and everything was down to absolutely > clear water. This is really real! > > He then took a little goldfish and he put it inside there so that it > could swim around to show that if there were to be any chemicals or > anything in there it would die. And after three hours, this little > fish was still swimming. > > What is interesting... they called me up. The head of this whole > project, called me up the next day and said, "You won't believe it. > They took the fish out of the water and put it back into the aquarium > downstairs and when they came in the next morning, the whole aquarium > was clean" (laughter). It totally went clean and clear. > > They took pure motor oil right out of the can, popped the lid, poured > it with another whole bunch of oil like this, put about 3 or 4 drops > of water and shook it up. Instantaneously, within 3 seconds, the > motor oil no longer existed on the earth. Instead, it was proteins > and amino acids... that are fish food. Instantaneously! > > This is an interesting analogy because oil is the end product of > millions of years of life. It is the end, it is black, it is the end. > And when it comes in contact with this water, it immediately turns > white and becomes proteins and amino acids; the beginning of life. > > Super-ionized Water > ------------------- > What is this water? All it is, is water with 3 extra electrons on the > outer orbits. It is called super-ionized water. You're going to hear > about it. There is no doubt! > > Super-ionized water is... Again, all the scientists and the > physicists and the chemists of the world have been studying this for > the past few years who have been keeping it secret. Not one of them, > with all their credentials and everything, even though they can see > it happen, cannot explain to you how it is happening. They don't > know! They can't figure it out. > > On top of this, by studying the reaction, and there is some things I > can't tell you, it appears as though this water is consciousness, it > is alive and it knows what it's doing! It knows exactly what it's > doing because it... it will go into one reaction, one chemical > reaction and do one thing, and turn another reaction with a similar > kind of compound, and do something else that could only have been > done by consciousness. > > You know that something is different about this water, because if you > take a light bulb, an ordinary light bulb, and you cut the wire so > that if you put the two wires together the light bulb will go on. If > you stick those two wires in water which is a dielectric, nothing > happens, it is like an unlit light bulb. But if you put the wires in > super-ionized water, the light bulb comes on. No one has ever seen > that before. That is impossible by everything that we know. > And there is a flow of electrical energy through the water, that they > are describing as liquid electrons. > > This came from Sufi teachers and masters as a gift to the world. If > you could only know what I know, if you could only see what I have > seen. > > Cleaning up of Izmit Bay > ------------------------ > They went into Izmit Bay in Istanbul in Turkey. (Ed: In the talk, he > mentions Izmir Bay, which is far from Istanbul and is still polluted. > Ismit Bay which is 45 minutes from Istanbul is the one which has gone > clean and where fish have returned) Izmit Bay is so polluted. It is > the most polluted body of water on the planet. It looks like pure > oil. It is black. It is not water anymore. It is just black oil. And > they took these two huge tanks, like swimming pools and they filled > it up with this black water. One was the control and one was the > experiment. And they took just a couple of gallons of this water, in > these hundreds and hundreds of thousands of gallons of this garbage > water. It was so bad that it was forming black bubbles on the > surface. In less than a few hours, the pool went crystal clear. It > was clean. > > They then went to Izmit Bay, and the entire bay went clean, the whole > thing. But they can't keep it that way because it got canals as big > as this room (Ed: the talk was giving in a school gymnasium) with > garbage being pumped into the bay constantly which they are going to > have to deal with if they want to keep it that way. > > The other interesting thing about this is no matter what the polluted > water is, no matter what is in it, it turns it to this crystal clean > pure water and even balances the pH perfectly to 7, no matter what it > is, no matter what you started with. He has done it some many times > now he doesn't even have to look. He sticks the paper and > says, "Look, it is 7" without even thinking because it automatically > does it. The consciousness knows exactly what to do in that system > and how to convert it back into it. > > Also Works on Land and Soil > --------------------------- > It is not only in water, does the water work, but the water works on > the earth also, and in the soil. They showed in the videos and in the > actual [room (???)] they are talking about where you can take > garbage, huge garbage dumps, that are constantly burning methane, > they can't stop the burning cause it keeps burning... they can spray > this water on the garbage dumps and instantaneously, everything is > transformed. All of the hydrocarbons in there switch, turn over into > fertilizer, and are organic in nature, they have no chemicals in it > whatsoever even though they came from chemicals. > > All of the smell of the garbage dump is gone, instantaneously at the > snap of a finger. It smells like roses. It smells clean again. The > fires are immediately put out and can't start again. > > They showed on there that in these places were all of these toxic > stuff were put and everything that within days, plants and vegetables > start growing out of these toxic dumps. > > This is really real. It's no kidding, it's really real. It's hard to > imagine that something can emerge under the earth like this, but it > actually happens. > > Also Many Other Side Effects > ---------------------------- > There are many many side effects that are super positive and most of > these they won't let me talk to you about because the financial > status quo will be rocked to the core. There are things that it does > that water can't do, but it does, right before their eyes, time and > time again. It has in impact on us, and will have an impact on us > that, we can't quite imagine right now. > > Just to give you one of the side effects that they are going to let > out, I'm only going to talk about one of them. It is about fires, > forest fires, or oil fires, or any kind of fires, especially gasoline > and oil which are almost impossible to put out. When the water comes > into contact with these fires, it instantaneously puts them out, just > like that. And you can't relight them. You can throw matches back on > to them, on the gasoline, immediately, and it won't relight because > it changes the gasoline into something else that can't burn. And so, > for forest fires, if they spray it on burning forest fires, it > instantly will put the fire out. And on living trees, which is super > good for the tree, that tree will not be able to burn for hours > afterwards. So, it puts the fire out immediately, instantly. This is > one of the side effects of this new water, that we... > I really wish I could tell you what is going to come after this > (laughter). > > Governments Are Doing Tests > -------------------------- > So we're now, all of the... right now, Russia and 8 other major > countries of the world, are now doing major research on this all > over. They're, all over the world, secretly putting this in polluted > lakes and rivers... that are just... pfttt... going clean right > before our eyes. It is just amazing. You can take a bay, like San > Francisco bay, and in 4 days you will able to see 60 feet into the > water, as though you were looking through water like this (Ed: Held > up a glass of drinking water). And in two months, it will go all the > way down even into the deep yucky sediment below and turn it into > proteins and amino acids and be crystal clear and clean. In two > months! And this is where we are at. This is really real. It's > incredible! > > The Water Will Be Allowed to Be Released > ---------------------------------------- > What is even greater is that the world's governments are going to > allow this to happen! > Right before I was speaking, I was talking to the United States Air > Force, that could stop something like this very quickly for different > reasons. They want it to happen! They want this to come out! And so, > the various countries that we are talking to around the world. The > United Nations is involved with this also. Nobody can believe it. > They don't know what to say about it. It's a miracle, a planetary > miracle happening right before us, right now! > > Question: When? > > Drunvalo: It's happening. Right now, Turkey was so excited about this > as a country that they built a 48 million-dollar installation to > create this water. And they can now ship 100,000 tons of it a day > anywhere in the world and they are preparing to do this. > The countries now all over that we are talking to, and wants to be > involved, they are looking at it, they are cautiously wanting it, but > they don't know how to proceed because nobody can explain it > (laughter). No chemist in the world can explain how this is doing > this. You can't take oil and water and mix them together. Oil and > water don't mix. But super-ionized water does. It mixes > instantaneously. > > So, something new has emerged on the earth. And this is really > important I feel because as you all know, I am deeply connected with > the [Talsi (???)] Indians and the Hopi Indians and the Hopi prophecy. > And the Hopi prophecy says that right before we move into the next > level, to the fifth world from their point of view, the fourth > dimension from our point of view, they talk about how the whole world > comes clean and clear the way it was thousands and thousands of years > ago. The oceans, the rivers, the skies, everything. And we will have > this clean world. And it is the seeing of this world going clean, in > a very rapid period of time that inspires the world to let go of > their pain and all that they have... > > The Word Must Go Out -------------------- > And so, after having said that, there are certain corporations in > this world that are aware of this that don't want to see this happen. > Mostly oil companies, and I can't tell you why (laughter) but we > can't let this go from our memory. Do all of the research you can. > The name of the company that is forming this is called Perfect > Science out of Istanbul Turkey. The man's name is Ihan Doyuk. A..Y... > H... A... N... His last name is D... O... Y... U... K..., Doyuk. > Question: Is he on the Internet? > > Drunvalo: He is not on the Internet. [He IS now on the Internet at > ] He is just a humble, little beautiful > person that has discovered something that he is giving to the world. > He is not truly a scientist, he is Sufi! But he's now put on a suit, > he's working with the governments of the world, and he's attempting > to bring this out to the world. It will come out because, what you > are really looking at is a very very high level of consciousness > emerging from this water. > > The Sufis themselves, when they talk about it, they won't talk about > it as "the water". He talks about it "he moves through the chemical > reactions", "he does this", and "he does that". He is referring to > the nature of the consciousness in the water. > > This is the beginning of what I knew would take place. I am very > honored to be able to bring this to you. I really, really am. > The Baptism of the Planet ------------------------- > Do you know that baptism, in the Christian way of seeing baptism, you > can only be baptized once, and it removes all sins. After that, you > have to deal with each sin on your own (laughter). That is the fun > part. We are about to see the same thing. > Over the next twelve months, fourteen months or so, we are going to > see the world go clean... and it is going to be like baptism of the > whole world. And then, from then on end, our responsibility will be > every time we do something, we will have to remember who we are, and > where we came from, and what this is really all about, which is love. > It is not about hate and anger and fear. And so... > > Question: Can you use it in the cars? > > Drunvalo: Can you use it in your cars? I can't answer that. > (laughter) Probably most of the things you will ask me I will > probably have to give the same answer. They have really restricted me > because this thing is like a miracle. It does so m... Everything it > comes in contact with, everything, it turns it around, and turns it > into a positive situation, and creates something that is positive for > the world. It is a consciousness alive in water. > > Question: Can you buy it? > > Drunvalo: Can you buy it? It is not for sale yet. But some day > perhaps. Right now this is a governmental level thing that is going > on. It really is up to the world's governments whether or not they > will let this out or not. We are working with Australia, we are going > to do Australia and clean up Sydney harbor and all of this stuff. We > are now renegotiating with that government how to do that. We are > going to renegotiate with all of our contracts in the world that > we... Instead of using waveforms we are going to directly in... To > clean the bay, all we do is just spray the bay with this water and > wait two months. That it is all over. Same thing with rivers and > lakes and everything else. I wish I could tell you the rest > (laughter), but I can't. > > So, if there is any... I'll take about two or three more questions if > you can yell them out. > > Question: What does it do to human bodies? > > Drunvalo: I can't tell you about that one (laughter). But that might > be the most interesting one of all. > > Question: Does it apply to nuclear waste? > > Drunvalo: Yes it does > It appears to deal with almost everything. There are certain problems > that they have not tested or are not sure of. The Turkish government > is being very conservative in saying, "This should heal at least 70- > 80% of all the pollution problems in the world". They are being > conservative on this. And so, what this is going to do is buy us > time. Because, I can tell you this right now, the world banks, and > the people who are in charge know, that if this water had not come > along, if something like this had not come along, we only have less > than 3 years left on this planet. All life would be gone. (Ed: I > believe it is related to the oxygen levels of the planet going down > to a point where life cannot be sustained) And they know this, and > they are preparing for it. And now everything is changing. We do not > know how much time we've bought, but we've bought a lot. > > And what it is really, God is present. God has always been here, he > has never left us, he has always been with us, and we are the ones > which have forgotten God. And God is now about to make himself or > herself very obvious. > (End of talk) > > TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES =================== > Request to the reader --------------------- > > After reading this, you can probably appreciate what a gift humanity > is being given. As you can imagine, some people and companies have > much to lose. If this message gets out to enough people, then perhaps > governments will not try to suppress and delay this wonderful gift. > Pass the message on to as many friends and interested parties as > possible. One person cannot easily change the world but a whole bunch > of us can! Do your part in helping to clean up the planet. > > Drunvalo Melchezidek gave this talk on May 1st '99 at the Wesak '99 > celebration help at Mount Shasta. Dr. Joshua David Stone organizes > this annual conference ( > > The next day, Drunvalo Melchezidek gave a second lecture on 5 other > phenomenons that have been happening. Both lectures were such a > message of hope for humanity that I felt the need to spread the word > to all. > > The actual tapes from these lectures are available through the > company that recorded the entire conference, Rainstar Designs > (, email rainstar@j...). > > Drunvalo is the author of the recently released The Ancient Secret of > the Flower of Life and his personal web site is > and Spirit of Ma'at. > > Spirit of Life, Perth, Western Australia. Web Site: > > From: "shalamee" Subject: Re: Water Hi Majan- I share your feelings of impatience with the powers that seem to control such things in this world of illusion. I would so much love to contribute to cleaning up the mess we've made on this beautiful blue-green planet....our mother Gaia. Yet, I sense that all will unfold in the twinkling of an eye and we are here to hold that space together. I just received this from a friend and I thought you might be interested in reading it. BTW...what is the Pusta? Blessings- Shalamee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Merkaba Healing Water The Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Formula for Creating "Healing Waters" to the Alchemical Formula's Activation: Sacred Merkaba Techniques use newly realized and anciently cognized techniques to release the enormous spiritual energies contained in using both meditation and prayer. These amazing techniques prove the statement that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" by generating a critical mass situation whereby one's consciousness Ascends to a higher dimensional level of our Universe.

It is this multi-dimensional experience of "Walking Between Worlds" that gives us the ability to access sacred alchemical formulas. All sacred formulas use prana, God's Unconditional Love, to alchemically transform metals, water and/or a person's health. Practitioners of the Advanced Sacred Merkaba Techniques use the physical and tangible substance of God's Unconditional Love to expand their awareness to levels of consciousness where they are able to heal themselves and others. These unique techniques give everyone the incredible opportunity to be the "Philosopher's Stone" and use spiritual energies to transform at the molecular level, ordinary water into "Healing Waters", or even wine of consciousness are a natural by-product of a spiritual life. However, amazing expansions of consciousness occur for any individual who daily activates all their Merkabas using the Sacred Merkaba Techniques.

My new book, "The Answers to Life, the Universe and Everything", describes how one's consciousness exceeds the size of one's physical body, and how by activating one's consciousness, one creates a Merkaba. There are 12 dimensional levels in this Universe. There are 12 levels of consciousness to be activated into Merkabas. The Star Tetrahedron and Octahedron are but 2 of the 12 levels of consciousness a person can activate into a Merkaba. Spiritual energies created in our daily activations generate such huge and rapid expansions of consciousness that people's physical bodies need to be in optimum health, (this is a "good" condition, as optimum varies by each individual's physical body). When a person is healthy, they are open to many adventures. However, pain and illness have a tendency to cause many people to focus their attention on the areas of their physical body which are in dis-comfort and dis-ease, rather than focusing on creating exciting expansions of consciousness. A person in optimum health can easily receive the additional spiritual energies from God which help one realize maximum spiritual growth that can lead to one's Physical Body Ascension during this lifetime. It was to assist practitioners of these sacred techniques to strengthen and heal their bodies for Physical Body Ascensions in this lifetime that Gary Smith, founder of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques cognized the ancient alchemical formulas for creating "Healing Waters." We are pleased to give this wondrous healing information to all The People for Free, if all 9 pages of this document are kept together as one document. We in the Sacred Merkaba Techniques request recognition for our gift to all humanity so that individuals scattered throughout the world who are searching for us and their return "home", may find us. Time now is short and we request your assistance so those who came to help, and "those who are ready" may now become aware of us and obtain the techniques which will bring them "home". And practitioners of the brand new Sacred Merkaba Techniques Golden Flower of Life Spherical Healing Techniques receive extremely advanced techniques to use in their spiritual, mental and physical healings of other people. These techniques include, among others, the teachers' level Alchemical Formula for Healing Waters. A condensed version of "The Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Alchemical Formula for Healing Waters" is contained in this 9 page document, as a gift to all The People, if all 9 pages are kept together as a single document.

Required for Activation: Recommended: 3 foot (3') pieces of copper pipe, 24 copper pipe adapters and 8 plastic connectors, *variety of tumbled stones/crystals, clear quartz, rose quartz, chevron amethyst, etc., glass water containers, water purifier (Water from plastic containers will not be nearly as effective)* A plumbing supply or hardware store will have the necessary hardware. We used Home Depot in the US for all the materials to build our copper cube. Recommendation:pieces of copper pipe clear quartz tumbled stones/crystals or crystals of your choice, glass canning jar or used glass juice bottle, water purifier (Do not use water from plastic containers due to petrochemical leakage)Information for Activation: have known for millenniums that crystals have many powers contained within them. Some individuals have even understood the assistance that the attributes of crystals can bring in the healing of others. In addition, a few skilled individuals in the Great Mystery Schools have always been taught all the techniques and procedures of crystals. They learned this information on how to properly use and activate crystals, so that this information would always be available to "those who are ready". This information, (as explained in my recent book, "The Answers ."), can be accessed by those with expanded consciousnesses. This and all other information, such as all the thoughts, actions and deeds done by anyone in a human body is stored and can be located within the human consciousness grids, ( also know as the Akashic records). The healing powers contained in prayer are also well known. The effects of prayer have been studied extensively. Prayer has been scientifically verified as being extremely helpful in the healing of people. However, the knowledge about the healing powers and consciousness expanding abilities which are created by the presence of the "Cubic Energies" were only given to the most advanced teachers in the Great Mystery Schools. But, the true and complete knowledge of how to bring all three of these wonderful but diverse techniques together to create the activation of "Cubic Energies" has been missing for over a thousand years. Techniques, new information and certain previously hidden "outer" mysteries from the Great Mystery Schools, including those on how to create multidimensional expansions of consciousness, are now being released to "those who are ready". These wondrous new and ancient techniques are now being released by Gary Smith.

Gary is the founder of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques and he Co-Teaches 8 day Intensives with certain Master Advanced Teachers of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques. At these special gatherings they discuss the "outer" mystery school information and demonstrate new and ancient techniques which will expand the size of each participant's consciousness, help heal their physical bodies and satisfy their inner need to receive the full and complete knowledge of God, Creation, chakras, prana, Ascension, etc. Each millennium, the "inner" knowledge and mysteries of "Cubic Energies" has only been given to "those who are ready". In the last 1,000 years this knowledge was only given to one or two individuals a century. Certain "outer" mysteries of information and knowledge about the "Cubic Energies" has historically only been given to a few specially selected and trained advanced teachers who live their lives in sacred harmony within the walls of one of the Great Mystery Schools. However, because of a 2 to 14 month window of opportunity for many to Ascend, God has asked Gary to release a portion of this secret and sacred knowledge to all The People. "Cubic Energies" are created by building and "energizing" a copper cube. One's copper cube may constructed from any length or size of copper pipe. Build your copper cube to a size that is comfortable for you. (There are two interdimensional gateways or copper cubes in my home. One is a large 7' x 7' x 7' meditation copper cube filled with hundreds of crystals. The second one is a smaller counter top copper cube which is used for energizing food and water, it is energized by a few crystals). Those crystals which "feel" right to your "inner feelings" to create your Healing Waters. Wash each crystal in cool, clear water.

Gloria Smith suggests that Melody's book "Love Is In The Earth" can assist you in selecting crystals for specific types of healings. Gloria reminds those reading this document to always use discernment when reading any book, because one part of Melody's book is incorrect. Do not use salt to clean or cleanse crystals. Salt dehydrates the moisture from crystals and that moisture contains the crystal's consciousness. Dehydration will reduce and can even destroy a crystal's consciousness. Gloria also reminds us to use our "inner feelings", our personal intuitions, in determining which crystals to use in creating Healing Waters. When in doubt of what crystal to use in a healing, we recommend clear quartz tumbled stones or crystals.

By the way, as you probably already know in one's daily meditation and/or prayers there are the times when one can receive this type of healing information from their "inner feelings". In reality this information a person receives from their "inner feelings", is really information from their total consciousness. (As discussed in our 8 day intensives, one's total consciousness exceeds the size of their physical body. An individual's full consciousness communicates to a person's physical body through a densified portion of that individual's total consciousness. This densified portion of a person's total consciousness is placed in the Higher Heart Chakra of the person's "subtle body" nervous system. This placement occurs when an individual incarnates into a human body. The densified portion of one's total consciousness is called different names by people around the world, including "Soul", "Atman", "Seed Adam", etc. Consciousness enters a physical body at the time of a baby's first breath. This is an abortion related issue, and anyone wishing to receive a free copy of this spiritual knowledge should email Gary at and ask for a free copy of his article "Birth, Death and All That". Water is extremely important in the alchemical formula. Pure water infuses the optimum in healing energies into the Healing Waters. The petrochemicals in plastic leak into the "fresh water" they contain. Therefore, one should not use water from any type of plastic container in creating Healing Waters. Always use glass containers. We use glass containers, including glass canning jars and old glass juice bottles, to create, energize and store our personal Healing Waters in our 7' by 7' by 7' copper cube. A good water filter for your tap water is an excellent investment in you and your family's personal health and is necessary to create the optimum in Healing Waters.

3' x 3' x 3' copper cube is built using the 12 3 foot sections of copper pipe and the connectors, etc. The copper cube can be any size, (or one can lay out 1' pieces of copper pipe in a square). Position selected crystals (or a clear quartz crystal) in each corner of the cube. Place the containers full of water, each containing 3 to 18 crystals, (or 1 crystal), inside your copper cube (square) of "Cubic Energies" requires for a person to be either standing within the copper cube, or over it, (or the copper square). The full and complete energization using this technique fills the cube with God's Unconditional Love which energizes everything within the copper cube (or square), water, crystals and yourself.
By the way, for those unfamiliar with my book, "The Answers .", prana is a name that has been used by eastern philosophies to describe God's Unconditional Love. In reality, prana or God's Unconditional Love consists of sub atomic Golden Spheres. These Golden Spheres, or prana are the energies of all life. They are also the basic building blocks of all matter, energy and light in this Universe. They are the unifying substance of all Creation. Prana, or God's Golden Spheres of Unconditional Love, is what Albert Einstein sought to complete his unfinished "Unified Field Theory". (For a free article which summarizes Gary's book, email Gary at and ask him for a free copy of "Creation, Evolution and the Merkaba")

All of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques use meditation and prayer in a special way that infuses tremendous amounts of prana into their consciousness. This pranic infusion accelerates their personal expansions of consciousness to the level where practitioners find their awareness to be on many different dimensional levels of reality at once, while simultaneously living in a 3rd dimensional physical body. This real life adventure of "Walking Between Worlds" and the accompanying rapid expansions of consciousness require that one's physical and subtle bodies be in "good" condition. One's physical and subtle bodies need to be strong enough to withstand the powerful amounts of spiritual energies, the large amounts of prana, which enter a person's subtle body nervous system through cleansed chakras and activated pranic energy centers to become consciousness. It is only by increasing pranic flow through prayer and/or meditation that one expands their consciousness. Huge expansions in one's spiritual, emotional and mental awareness will focus one's attention on any part of their physical body that is in dis-comfort and/or dis-ease and thus hold one back from permanent expansions of consciousness. It was for this reason that I cognized the Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Golden Flower of Life Spherical Healing Techniques and the Healing Waters, or God's Unconditional Love, is the quickest way to heal specific ailments, especially when used in conjunction with the Healing Waters.
The Sacred Merkaba Techniques Golden Flower of Life Spherical Healing Techniques workshops show people how to use God's Love, or prana in healing one's own or another person's physical body. These healing techniques also expand the healer's consciousness. These sacred spherical healing techniques direct the pranic energies of God's Unconditional Love into areas of dis-comfort and/or dis-ease portions of a physical body. This process of directing these sub atomic healing and transforming energies allows one to actually rearrange the molecules within areas of dis-comfort and/or disease for complete healings of people and animals. These newly cognized techniques also contain ancient methods which also healed others at the molecular level. These ancient techniques were used to rearrange the molecular structure of water and several thousand years ago the techniques were used to change water into wine. These same water to wine techniques can and were used to heal others. A simplified version of these new and ancient methods will create Healing Waters. Additional information about the new Spherical Healing Techniques may be found in the Introductory section of our website at Click here or by emailing
Smith, is a former CPA and meditation teacher of other techniques who now Co-teaches 8 day intensives with certain Master Advanced Teachers of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques in order to expand people's consciousnesses to multi-dimensional levels of awareness. Gary worked as a technical engineer on rocket propulsion systems in California during the 1950's before returning to college for a business degree. He continued his studies of Quantum Physics throughout the intervening 45 years. Gary continued to use his genius IQ from his college days and with his expanded consciousness from daily activating Merkabas for 6 years, he solved Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory. This year he was able to combine the now completed Unified Field Theory principles of Albert Einstein with his own personal spiritual techniques, resulting in Healing Waters. This exciting culmination, of all his combined years of study and research experiences, is to be released to The People as "The Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Alchemical Formula for Creating Healing Waters".
Proof supporting the power of prayer in the healing of people abounds in scientific journals. The effects of meditation on health and healing are also well documented from studies performed at the Harvard Medical School, Cambridge and other major research facilities elsewhere in the world. Recently, Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, did some profound studies on the vibrational effects to water of various sounds while using a dark field microscope. His pictorial work at Click here! shows the effects a spoken prayer had in transforming polluted water.
However, even more amazing results are created by combining prayer, crystals, water and "Cubic Energies". (We are asking people to perform the same dark field microscopic studies on our Healing Waters. We also asking people to study the effects that these Healing Waters have in the curing of various dis-eases. If you can help, please email your results to have Advanced Master Teachers of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques who can travel worldwide to help give 8 day Intensives. Our current schedule includes Miami, Florida, South Africa, Germany and Seattle, Washington. If you would like to bring an intensive to your area, just gather a dozen people or more, and we will be able to come to you. You may email us regarding our 8 day intensives at :create a flow of God's Unconditional Love to "energize" the copper cube, the water, the crystals and yourself by saying a prayer to God.

After exhaustive research we have found the most effective way to communicate with God is by using a very ancient prayer. This ancient pre-Sumerian prayer is to Mother Father Creator God of All That Is and contains amazing energizing properties. Special energizing vibrations are activated when this prayer is said aloud. It is the repetition of certain vibratory tones in this prayer that creates the possibility of direct communication with God. , please understand that any form of prayer may be used, because all prayers are answered by God in time, (so be careful about what you ask for, as you will receive it grin). Please use the prayer which is most comfortable for you. Below are 5 spiritual possibilities for the first portion of the prayer: - Ayah Asher Ayah - Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on Me - Lord Shiva, ( or Krishna, etc.), I Feel Your Love - God is Great - Ehyer Asher Ehyer(Repeating Ayah Asher Ayah 7 times along with your name 4 times creates a special rhythm. This sublime repetition calls to God using special Human vibratory sounds. These sounds contain special vibrations which allow one to communicate directly with God. The actual translation of this prayer reads, "That who I was, I am no longer. That who I am, I am becoming." This unique series of vibrations creates a state of excitation that generates a tremendous flow of Unconditional Love between yourself and God, along the amazing possibility of direct communication with God for "those who are ready".) Words in one's prayer are less important than whether you pray to God with all sincerity. Prayer is a method for one to establish a personal connection with God. It is in answer to a sincere prayer that God's Blessings of Unconditional Love, the prana of Creation, will flow forth to fill and energize all within the copper cube. This enormous flow of prana, or God's Unconditional Love quickly reaches critical mass within such a small amount of cubic space generating the necessary state of excitation which creates "The Ancient Cubic Energies". the Sacred Merkaba Techniques we use the following prayer to create a optimum set of conditions for us to be able to personally contact God.

We have found that by using this prayer, one immediately receives the pranic energies of God's Unconditional Love."Ayah Asher Ayah,Asher Ayah,Asher Ayah,your Name 4 timesAsher Ayah,Asher Ayah,Asher Ayah,Asher Ayah,Mother, Father Creator God of All That Is, I Give Thanks for All My Blessons. I Ask to be a Pure Conduit of Your Love and Your Light. I ask that Your Energies of Love and Light energize All within this copper cube. Please fill this cube, all these crystals, myself and all the water within the cube with Your Energies of Love and Light. Please create the excitation of "Cubic Energies" so that all water within this cube is immediately transformed into Healing Waters. So it is said and so it is done."(Note: If possible leave your Healing Waters within the cube for 9 hours or longer. This longer time period allows the maximum amount of "Cubic Energies" to be infused into the "Healing Waters". A longer period of time allows tap water to be alchemically transformed into some of the sweetest water one has ever tasted. Understand it is the sincerity of your prayer to God that brings forth the tremendous amounts of God's Unconditional Love which are necessary for the creation of "Cubic Energies". It is God who energizes the cube, crystals, yourself and the water. So understand that it is not the size of the copper cube, nor is it the size or number of crystals within your cube which will energize the water. The energy of Healing Waters is created by the Love generated between yourself and God through the power of prayer. Thus, a bare minimum for creating healing water would be to use 1 clear quartz crystal, 4 copper pennies, 1 glass jar and some tap water combined with 1 pure prayer of Unconditional Love to God).
Smith's Crystal Healing Recommendations:use intuition when choosing crystals as the causes of dis-ease can be on many levels, chakric, mental, emotional and karmic. Ruby, Red jasper Pink Opal, Rhodachrosite, Amethyst, Quartz, Red Tigers Eye, Hematite's Aventurine, Jade, Green Quartz, Dioptase's Amethyst, Red Jasper, Tigers Eye Amethyst, Blue AgatePalsy Green Quartz, AventurineBones Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise, Sapphire, Hematite Smoky Quartz, Quartzand otherDiseases Leopardskin Jasper, Leopardskin Agate, Amazonite, Turquoise Smoky Quartz Citrine, Ruby Black Tourmaline, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Chevron Amethyst(Note: When buying Smoky Quartz make sure it is not clear quartz that has been to make it a darker color. Radiated Smoky Quartz looks very dark andlooking.)addition, Gary has received information that using Zambia clear quartz tumbled stones and malachite tumbled stones creates a special type of "Healing Waters" which will be capable of generating remission in AIDS. You should be able to find crystals locally if you are in a large city, those in remote locations like ourselves can use the Internet. All the above tumbled stones can be purchased on the Internet at Multistone International.
:next 2 to 14 months will present a wonderful window of opportunity for mass Physical Body Ascensions to everyone who has been working on their own spiritual evolution,. I have already released to all The People our Karma Cleansing, Healing and Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation. The all encompassing cleansing, healing and consciousness expanding meditation is now being given for free throughout the world to interested people by Sacred Merkaba Techniques teachers and other people who offered to help earlier this year. This free guided meditationwas created to help all of Humanity who was open to receiving the meditation, the chance of a lifetime to quickly expand their consciousness and cut their karmic ties, while healing themselves of physical, mental and/or spiritual problems. We released this meditation last year in order to help all Humanity prepare themselves for this 2 to 14 month long window of opportunity.

Unconditional Love for All Humanity, I have now created and give to all The People, a very precious gift, The Sacred Merkaba Techniques' Alchemical Formula for Creating Healing Waters. This very special gift is free if all 9 pages of this document are kept together as one document. This wondrous alchemical formula is able to easily transform ordinary tap water into "Healing Waters". These Healing Waters will be in the hands of some of the most spiritual people on the planet who will now be able to heal people throughout the world of dis-comforts and dis-eases. Love to You Always, in All Ways Smith Merkaba TechniquesFourth Street NW - Tillamook, Oregon 97141,
Website Click here! Keep all 9 pages together. It was agreed upon that for anyone to receive this Free Gift all 9 pages would be kept together as one document.
Thank you