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     Worldcom, Atlanta, Georgia. Feb.,2001 - July,2001

     DUTIES: Responsible for customer support, generating sales,

     booking trade show and Convention Executive duties.


PRESIDENT/C.E.O.; Global Communications Group, Inc. Oct.,1990 - present

     Created own telecommunications company which became a pioneer in

     re-manufacturing of Hitachi PABX telephone systems, EX-Soviet

     Union (Primarily Russia) trade relations, E-Commerce, and defense


     DUTIES:  Implemented and oversaw complete environment including

     purchasing, sales, advertising, inventory control, point of purchase,

     financing, shipping and receiving, accounting, computer integration,

     security, staffing and various other corporate administrative duties.

     Initiated sales. Consulted and followed up with customers

     Responsible for decision-making, recruiting, hiring, and setting company

     policies and procedures. Directed and oversaw a number of successful

     projects, from inception to completion.       

     ACHIEVEMENTS: Turned a 10K investment and 2 customers into a

     world class organization, that after 8 years had grossed over $3M and

     a telecommunications customer base of between 300 and 400 small to

     fortune companies. Formed strategic alliances with Northern Telecom

     BellSouth, and other telecom companies.


ENGINEER, PMEL; Healthdyne Industries June,1990 - Dec., 1990

     DUTIES: maintained the calibration of plant facilities used in the

     production of bio-medical equipment

     ACHIEVEMENTS: Revamped production equipment and calibration

     data, replacing irrelevant and incorrect data to achieve compliance

     w/ FDA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


ELECTRONICS INSTRUCTOR; Interactive Learning Systems, May,1990 - Feb,1991

     DUTIES: Combined classroom environment w/ interactive computer

     aided instruction.

     ACHIEVEMENTS:  Suggested  combining old style hands-on teaching

     with the computer generated teaching already in place. Implemented

     actual hands on training by construction of electronic test equipment,

     causing an increase in number of students who went on to graduate in

     electronics & robotics technology.  



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Voice: (770) 965-3444  Cell: (678) 887-2216




ELECTRONICS INSTRUCTOR; Total Technical Institute June,1988 - June,1989

     DUTIES: Development of standard classroom course leading to

     a degree in electronic technology.


PLANT ENGINEER; Hitachi America Ltd. 1984 - 90

     DUTIES: software engineer, plant engineer, material authorization 

     return engineer

     ACHIEVEMENTS:  Devised new methods of testing & repairing

     telephone circuit cards significantly reducing customers turn around

     time and approximately tripling Hitachi's service/ sales volume.





     Windows 3.XX, 95, 98, 2000, XP, DOS, Microsoft Office, Linux, ICQ,

     Quickbooks, HTML, Delrina, Word Perfect, Adobe, Word, Excel,

      Norton, SPLH, CPM, RPG, Antivirus, etc.




Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

International Who's Who of Professionals (1997)

Who's Who in Executives and Professionals (1996 - 1997)

Secret Clearance U.S.A.F., honorable discharge


EDUCATION (Formal and Continuing):


Harvard University - Russia: A Crash Course and Orientation

Federal Emergency Management Agency - Radiological Monitoring

Civil Air Patrol (U.S.A.F.A.) - Air Search and Rescue School,

Corporate Learning Course, Radiological Monitoring and Radio Operators Course.

Hitachi, America - Line and Trunk Card Repair DX, and HD-200 PABX

Brenau University - Information Technology

University of Florida - Electrical engineering

St. John's Community College - AA Engineering

USAF Air University Aerospace Ground Support