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Over 350 active, paying markets!

Updated after the 15th of each month, as time allows.

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New Markets Update June 2021: SF Contest 🚀✨for New Writers, and Other Aswiebe's Market List News!

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The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 7/15/2021.
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Thoughts in Passing
I'm neck-deep in revisions right now, and it's reminded me of my favorite trick for making sure that the beginning of a story pops. I pretend that I have one paragraph to persuade someone to read the rest of my story. I'll read from the beginning of the story until I hit that one paragraph that really speaks for the story. This can be a dramatic moment, or a bit of foreshadowing, or a great character bit. My job then is to figure out how to get that one paragraph moved up to within the first three paragraphs of the beginning--ideally the first paragraph.

I was worried because the novella I'm revising doesn't have the horror plot kick into gear for the first several pages. I didn't have that poppin' paragraph. But then I thought of the main character and what her deep motivation is, and I found that paragraph. It was the 6th paragraph, but I can easily move it up to the top.

Taylor raised her champagne flute as if she were toasting someone across the room, so it might look like she had a friend here. "Happy New Year," she whispered, quietly enough that none of the other party guests would hear. "Maybe next year, I'll actually have someone to toast with."

(Do you have a writing question? Send it to me, either by replying to this email or by using the comment form on my website, and it may get answered in the next newsletter.)

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:

I've paused in revising my urban fantasy novel, so that I can revise my horror novella. I have such an itch to write new words, but I gotta get it done. Deadlines help me a lot in getting work to that polished, submission-ready stage. In this case, I'm revising the horror novella to submit to Nightfire's novel and novella submission call. It's open until June 22nd:

I can think of all sorts of reasons why they won't buy my novella (too short, maybe not the right tone...), so why am I pushing to revise and submit it anyway? 
1. Don't self-reject. That is not your job.
2.The work of improving a story is never wasted. If they don't buy it, I can submit it somewhere else. If nobody else buys it, I have something I could self-publish. If it is never published, the work of revising it still improved my writing and editing skills.

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Upcoming Virtual Conventions/Workshops
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4th Street Fantasy, June 18-20, 2021 (pay-what-you-can):
Clarion West Write-a-Thon, June 20 - July 31:
ReaderCon, August 13-15 ($25):

Nebula Conference has ended, but you can register for recorded panels and year-round special events ($125):

Featured Market
The James White Award gives £200 plus publication in Interzone for one non-pro SF writer.

The aim of the competition is to highlight new writers. It is open to writers of any age and nationality, but it is not open to professional authors.

For the purposes of this competition a “professional author” is defined as a writer with three short story sales to a professional level market or one professionally published novel. We encourage authors who are unsure about their status to contact the competition before submitting a story. Please use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Stories must be in English and must be between 2,000 and 6,000 words in length. The James White Award does not consider flash fiction or novels. Stories outside these words will be disqualified.

Stories should be Science Fiction (though we will take a broad definition of what that term means).

Stories may not have been entered in The James White Award in any previous year.

Stories may not feature characters/locations/ etc. that are part of other copyrighted works – i.e. nothing set in the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Dr Who, etc.

Basics: SF, 2,000 - 6,000 words, no entry fee, pays 1st prize £200, due 6/28/2021.


Market List Updates

To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Name What they want Pay Per Word (originals) Flat Pay (originals) Website Notes
Fireside Fiction (short stories) All genres, explicitly including spec-fic $0.125 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 7/5/21 - 7/11/21
Arcanist, The SF/F/Horror flash fiction $0.100
Diabolical Plots Science fiction, fantasy, and horror $0.100 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 8/1/21 – 8/15/21
Strange Horizons F/SF/Spec-fic $0.100 Submission periods (December varies) historically were Mondays 1600 UTC - Tuesdays 1600 UTC = 10 AM CDT Mon - 10 AM CDT Tues (Winter, no daylight savings). ONE-TIME CLOSURE: currently closed to submissions since April 2021, submission periods may be changing.
Cast of Wonders Podcast Clean YA SF/F/H $0.080 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 6/27/21 – 7/3/21 (Holiday), 7/15/21 – 8/15/121 (Young Authors), 11/1/21 – 11/30/21 ### Query first for > 6,000 words.
Constellation / Constelación Magazine Spanish or English speculative fiction, themed $0.080 ONE-TIME 2021 THEME opens 6/15/21: Love Needs No Translation.
Escape Pod (Podcast) SF $0.080 ONE-TIME CLOSURE for "summer vacation" until 9/1/21. An Escape Artists publication. Original work up to 6,000 words.
If There's Anyone Left ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 6/30/21 SF and speculative fiction flash fiction by marginalized authors (disabled, marginalized gender, PoC, sexual orientation etc.) $0.080
Life Beyond Us (Laksha Media Group) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 7/1/21 - 8/20/21 SF and SF horror, themed to nonhuman life $0.080
Metastellar Fantasy, SF, and horror $0.080 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: Fall 2021. NOTE: submission gives right of publication, even without a contract signing
Curiosities and Gallery of Curiosities Podcast All spec fic, especially weird fiction, steampunk, horror, retro-futurism, pre-1950s vibe $0.050
Vastarien Literary horror and dark surrealism $0.050
Dark Moments Dark drabbles, themed $0.040
Aurealis Science fiction, fantasy, and horror $0.015 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIODS: 7/1/21-7/31/21 for all authors, 2/1/21 - 9/30/21 for Australian/New Zealander authors
NewMyths All spec-fic except graphic horror $0.015 SUBMISSION PERIODS: 1/1 - 2/28, 6/1 - 7/31
Chromophobia (Strangehouse Books) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 8/1/21 - 8/31/21 Horror themed to color, by female authors $0.010
House of Zolo's Journal of Speculative Literature, The SF $0.010 NOTE: Two submission periods annually.
Grandpa's Deep-Space Diner (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE UNTIL FILLED SF/fantasy themed to food $0.005
Titanic Terastructures (JayHenge Publishing) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE UNTIL FILLED SF/fantasy themed to or set in megastructures $0.005
James White Award, The (Interzone) ANNUAL CONTEST - DUE June 28 SF - by non-SFWA-eligible authors only
Distant Shore Publishing Short Stories (see also Novellas) Fantasy, sci-fi, and lit-RPG
$150.00 ONE-TIME CLOSURE until September 2021
Cemetery Gates Society Horror, themed
Negative Space 2: A Return to Survival Horror (Dark Peninsula Press) ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 8/1/21 - 10/1/21 Survival horror
Screaming in the Night Vol 1 ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 9/8/21 Supernatural horror
Rock and a Hard Place Magazine All genres, themed to the bottom of society
Dream of Shadows Horror and dark fantasy
Cellar Door, The Horror and dark speculative fiction, themed issues
Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY - DUE 9/15/21 - 12/31/21 Horror with fat-positive characters
Vanishing Point, The Literary SF/F/H
Strange Aeon ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 7/15/21 OR UNTIL FULL Cosmic horror
Allegory SF/F/H
$15.00 Prefers 500 - 5,000 words. ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIODS: 5/1/21 - 6/30/21, 11/1/21 - 12/31/21, 5/1/22 - 6/30/22
Daikaiju Zine All spec-fic
$10.00 ONE-TIME CLOSURE until 10/01/21.
Mesozoic Reader, The All genres, themed to prehistory incl. dinosaurs, Lost World stories, etc.
Penumbric Speculative Fiction Mag Speculative fiction, esp. edgy or idealistic
Queer Blades Fantasy adventure with LGBTQIA+ main characters
$10.00 SUBMISSION PERIOD: 12/1 - 3/31, ??
Luna Station Quarterly Fantasy, science fiction, creepy horror by women writers only
$5.00 Submission periods: Sept 15 - Nov 15, Dec 15 - Feb 15, Mar 15 - May 15, June 15 - Aug 15
Queen of Swords Press Fantasy and science fiction novellas or linked short story collections (and novels), esp. weird western, steampunk, hopepunk etc.
$0.00 ONE-TIME SUBMISSION PERIOD: 6/15/21 - 8/15/21
Departure Mirror Quarterly - DEAD MARKET All spec-fic $0.100
Signal Horizon - DEAD MARKET (no longer accepts fiction) Horror and dark SF $0.030
Syntax and Salt - DEAD MARKET Literary speculative fiction
Spooky Samhain Stories ANNUAL CONTEST - DUE 7/31 - DEAD MARKET Scary and spooky stories, including campfire stories or totally fictional pieces

Electric Athenaeum - DEAD MARKET All spec-fic
Sirius Science Fiction - DEAD MARKET (indefinite hiatus) SF
A Flash on the Horizon (Signal Horizon) MONTHLY CONTEST - DEAD MARKET Horror, SF, and weird fiction, themed
Truancy - DEAD MARKET (indefinite hiatus) Folktales, fairy tale-inspired, and mythic fiction $0.020

Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Compiler of Lists
Aswiebe's Market List
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