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Creative Drama in the Traditional Classroom  



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- Why Drama?
- Drama and Development
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"All of us seem to be playing roles in real-life dramas that we are not only starring in but have been scripting, too. We are each the author and leading player in the entertainment called "My Life." - Shirley MacLaine


Please read this first: These research pages represent work that was done in 2002 as a defense of theater in an educational environment. The research became the original primary draw for this website. All of the pages are presented in their original form, and are best read in order starting with this page.

teacher     Welcome to a website designed specifically for teachers looking to enrich their classroom teaching methodologies through the use of drama.  Because of the nature of this site, and the content on it, I felt the need to attach an introduction.  After all, if authors of books can do it, why not a web site author?

    The idea of this project began fairly simple: create a site with plenty of links to resources on the Internet and basic instructions on teaching drama in the classroom. The more I read the more however the more I realized that no one would buy into an idea like this without understanding the research and reasons behind it. I was sold on my own ideas, but needed more space to get them out. And the more I read the more I realized there was no way on earth I could cover everything on one website, try as I might.

    What began as something very simple suddenly grew to something much larger. In this site I have done my best to outline the beginnings of what is needed to appreciate and understand the use of drama in the classroom. I truly believe in the value of the ideas I have begun to list on this site. Because a site like this can never be completely comprehensive, I have also included in the bibliography a listing of books and other resources that I found to be extremely helpful and which I hope will help others as well.

    Who is drama best suited for? As outlined in the research on this site, Gavin Bolton and other child drama specialists note that preschoolers have excellent imaginations, but that the value of drama continues through grade school, high school, college, and on into adulthood. Ever go to or have a friend go to a psychologist and roleplay to work on problems? That's drama!

    Is drama an end all cure to educational strategies? Of course not. Just as not every student responds well to lectures or individual study time, not every student works well in a classroom drama environment. The purpose of this site is not to claim that teachers should only teach through drama, but rather incoporate aspects of it to enhance their existing classroom environment.

     I strongly suggest reading not only the text on these pages, but following up through the books. The resource links will only offer the basic uses of drama and the mechanics of various activities and are mostly geared towards theatre classrooms. Understanding the real value that these teaching strategies offer to your students requires a much deeper study than anything I have found on the Internet.

That said, lets take a look at why we do classroom drama.


Creative Teaching through Drama
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Last Updated July 3, 2007