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Creative Drama in the Traditional Classroom  



- Original Welcome
- Introduction
- Why Drama?
- Drama and Development
- The Basics
- Example Lesson
- Second Example
- Bibliography


Welcome to a resource for teachers in any classroom!

This began as a research project back in 2002 (the original text is all located to the left), and after feedback from visitors is slowly growing into a general teaching resource.

This page is designed to provide the groundwork for teachers looking to deepen the educational experience in their classroom, and to help teachers who are looking for new ways to reach their students in mainstream subjects. The focus of this site is to provide a basic understanding of the mechanics of classroom drama how to apply it to your classroom. How can we as educators can best address different learning styles and modalities within our classrooms, and how does drama affect the development of the student?

Although I am no longer updating the site, I hope the information on these pages will prove useful to you. If you use the information on these pages, please feel free to drop me an email and let me know you found it to be helpful.

Creative Teaching through Drama
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Last Updated July 3, 2007