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Creative Drama in the Traditional Classroom  



- Original Welcome
- Introduction
- Why Drama?
- Drama and Development
- The Basics
- Example Lesson
- Second Example
- Bibliography


"...dramatic action is, precisely, the act of extending our person as a bridge to the external world. The personal knowledge it provides is based upon the rightness of that authentic action." - Richard Courtney


Please read this first: These research pages represent work that was done in 2002 as a defense of theater in an educational environment. The research became the original primary draw for this website. All of the pages are presented in their original form, and are best read in order starting with this page.

Works Cited


    The following is a list of texts used in research on this site. Quick links for purchase have been provided for educators interested in a further discussion of the material on this site.

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Recommended readings for both beginning and advanced teachers in the field of drama:

Grady, Sharon. (2000) Drama and Diversity. Portsmouth: Heinemann.Heinig, Ruth Beall

(1992) Improvisation with Favorite Tales. Portsmouth: Heinemann.Neelands, Jonothan &

Goode, Tony. (2000) Structuring Drama Work. Cambridge: Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge.


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Creative Teaching through Drama
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