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Monterey City Parks

El Estero Park,
French Consulate
Dennis the Menace Park,
La Gunita Mirada Park
La Mirada Adobe

El Estero Park

Across the street from Monterey State Beach at Del Monte Avenue is El Estero Park, a 45 acre city-wide multi-use recreation area in the center of Monterey.

The park has a Paddleboat concession, a playground and group BBQ picnic area.

A hike around the lake takes about 20 minutes.

More about the park at the sites of the
City of Monterey and
Monterey County.

Path of History -
French Consulate

former home of J. A. Moerenhaut, who served as French Consul to Mexican California, starting in 1843.
Today, the building serves as the Monterey Visitors Center.

More at Historic Monterey.

Dennis the Menace Park

Right in the middle of El Estero Park is one of Monterey's largest and most popular playgrounds.

La Gunita Park

La Gunita is a natural extension of Lake El Estero on the other side of Freemont Street.

Path of History -
La Mirada Adobe

Next to the park is La Mirada Adobe, now part of the Monterey Museum of Art.
Pictures of the adobe will follow soon.

Read more about La Mirada at
Monterey County Historical Society.

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