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Some day, this is going to be Volker's website


There is not much here yet. I am a total newcomer in web design. All I use this site for right now is posting a couple of pictures for friends. But since you made it here anyway, I might as well tell you who I am. That's me (the left one). I'm 48 years old, born in Germany and live in Monterey/California. Here are a couple of pictures of my house and of the Pacific coast line (just 5 minutes away).

Some day, there is going to be more about me here.
For now, here is what I am working on right now:

Portaits of the town where I was born and the town I call home now.

Brandenburg - My Brandenburg, Germany site
Monterey - My Monterey, CA site

Patrick - My cat

Bernd das Brot

Bernd is star of a German TV show that quickly reached cult status.
Check out Bernd's first fan page in English language

I have always been fascinated by flags. MMy first collegtion (of paper flags) dates back to preschool years.
Here is what I consider the mmost important flag links for enthusiasts:

Flags of the World The most comprehensive flag site there is. Absolutely the best flag site in German language.

Short Stories - a couple of stories I wrote.

Full Body Contact (2004)
It was the End of the World, as they knew it (2004)
Homecomings (2005)
Miracles (2005)

National Parks
My visits to National Parks

California State Parks
My visits to State Parks and Regional Parks throughout California

Geocaching - A modern treasure hunt
Some information about geocaching and pictures of our recent adventures

Geocaching 2005 - a nine-day roadtrip through Northern California
Geocaching in Andrew Molera State Park
Geocaching in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
Geocaching in Asilomar State Beach

Celtic Games
Not much yet, just a couple of pictures taken at the Highland Games in
Pleasanton and Ben Lomond.
Also some pictures from Winter Wonderland Festival 2006 in Davis and Karfluki Fest 2006 in Auburn.