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Monterey's Path of History

Virtual Tour

My virtual tour of the Path of History consists of 13 pages, covering all 62 sites of the path. Click here to get to page 1 or click any of the links below to get directly to the respective site.

Here is also an alphabetic listing of all sites.

Enjoy the walk and let me know how you liked it!

Custom House
Pacific House
Memory Garden Thomas Cole House Duarte's Store

Casa de Oro
First Brick House
Whaling Station
Vizcaino Landing Site
Portola Memorial

Serra Monument /
El Castillo Site
Bouchard Memorial Alexo Nino Cross Presidio Museum /
Tamotk Village Site
Sloat Monument

First Theatre
Perry House Francis Doud House O'Donnell Library Casa Soberanes

Merritt House Capitular Hall Casa Serrano Lara-Soto Adobe Casa de la Torre

Gordon House Colton Hall
Underwood-Brown Adobe Old Monterey Jail Vasquez Adobe

Alvarado Adobe Larkin House
Sherman Quarters
House Of Four Winds
Casa Gutierrez

Stokes Adobe Gabriel Adobe Fremont Adobe Casa Amesti Casa Alvarado

El Cuartel Site Casa Munras Stevenson House
Casa Abrego

Madariaga Adobe Casa Pacheco Presidio Site San Carlos Chapel
La Mirada Adobe

French Consulate Casa De Castro Washington Hotel Site Casa Bonifacio Site Casa Estrada

Casa Sanchez Old Monterey Hotel Golden State Theatre Osio-Rodriguez Adobe Casa Jimeno Site

The Path of History connects a number of historic buildings, monuments and other sites (my personal unofficial count is 62) and combines them to a highly enjoyable and educational 2-3 hour walk through historic Monterey.

The Path and all its sites are clearely marked. Start at any place and follow the markers in six languages.

Check the Monterey County website for a larger map and a brief description.

Before you start

Get a map (available at most museums) and make a plan of what you want to see. You can get a quick look at all buildings in two to three hours or you can explore some of the sites more in-depth. You can not see everything in detail on one tour (it took me five three-hour tours to take all the pictures shown at this site.)

Guided tours to the major sites (taking about 50 minutes) are offered on Mo. 10.30, We. 11.30, Fr. and Sa. 10.30. Tours meet at the Pacific House, the best place to start walking the path.

Some of the buildings offer tours. Due to recent budget cuts, the number of tours has been reduced drastically and most books and brochures do not yet reflect these changes. Check my Museums page for the latest updates on opening hours.

For self-guided tours, I strongly recommend the brochure "Historic Monterey Path of History Walking Tour." It is available for $2.95 at most museums.

Also, check my Monterey History page for more information.

Monterey State Historic Park

Eleven of the buildings along the path make up the Monterey State Historic Path. On this page, these buildings are marked "SHP." On the following pages, they are identified by the California State Parks seal.

Click here for my Monterey SHP page.

California Historic Landmarks

Fourteen of the sites along the path are designated California Historic Landmarks. On this page, these buildings are marked "LM." On the following pages, they are identified by the seal of the State of California.

Click here for my Monterey County Landmarks page.

Picture Credits

All pictures of Monterey as it presents itself in 2005 are my own. I have also used a couple of historic pictures, published in the above mentioned brochure "Historic Monterey Path of History Walking Tour." These pictures are clearely credited to their original source.


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