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Monterey State Historic Park - Path of History - Part 8

Larkin House, Sherman Quarters, House Of Four Winds &
Casa Gutierrez

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Leaving Colton Hall and Friendly Plaza, go to the corner of Jefferson and Calle Principal.

Larkin House

Home of Thomas O. Larkin, first and only U.S. consul in Monterey. The house served as the U.S. consulate from 1844-48. It combines Mexican architectural features like adobe walls, a garden and a second floor balcony with features characteristic to New England, such as a hip roof, a central hall and a stairway. Later, this Mexican/New England combination became very popular and is now knows as the Monterey Colonial style.

Larkin House, ca. 1900 Bancroft Library

Guided tours on Wednesday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m., and Saturday at 3 p.m.

Dining Room

More about the Larkin House at the sites of
California State Parks,
Monterey County,
Monterey County Historical Society.

House Of Four Winds

Sherman Quarters

Built about 1835 as part of the complex developed by Thomas Oliver Larkin. Called La Casa de Los Cuatro Vientos because it was the first house with a weathervane on its hipped roof. The building was used
as the first Hall of Records for Monterey County. In 1914 it was purchased by the Civic's Club and it is believed to be the oldest club house in the USA.

Built in the 1830's as part of the Larkin House complex. After the American takeover in 1847, a young lieutenant named William Tecumseh Sherman resided in the one-room building.
Sherman served in the 3rd U.S. Artillery, F Company, along with Edward O. C. Ord (after whom Fort Ord is named) and Henry W Halleck. All three men later became Generals in the Union Army during the Civil War.

More at the sites of
Monterey County Historical Society and
Monterey County.

More at the sites of
California State Parks and Monterey County
has a picture.

Colton Hall, House of Four Winds, Sherman Quarters and Larkin House, ca. 1890; California History Room

Casa Gutierrez

Built by cavalry soldier Joaquin Gutierrez in 1846. In 1954 it was purchased by the State of California and became part of Monterey State Historic Park.

More at the sites of
Monterey County Historical Society and
Monterey County.

Now, divert for a moment from the marked path and check out the buildings on Hartnell Street.

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