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Monterey State Historic Park - Path of History - Part 2

Thomas Cole House, Duarte's Store, Casa de Oro, First Brick House &
Whaling Station

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After leaving the Menory Garden, just cross the street to check out the next three sites.

Thomas Cole House

Duarte's Store

Thomas Cole, an English Sawyer built this home for his family in 1856. Used over time as a dwelling house, it became headquarters for the local Nationalist Chinese Political Party in the early 1940s.

More about the Cole House at Monterey County site.
Markeroni has a pcture of the house.

Rosario Duarte introduced salmon trolling to Monterey Bay in 1878. His store was a popular meeting place. Relocated in 1922 it became a dry goods business operated by Chinese merchant Louis Jang into the 1940s.

Markeroni has a pcture of the house.

Casa de Oro

Built by Thomas Larkin in about 1845 as an army barracks and as a hospital for sailors. In about 1850 it became the first General Store in the area, run by Joseph Boston. It is called "House of Gold" because Monterey's first safe (see picture left) was installed here and miners returning from the gold fields often stored their assets there.

Today, the house is operated by the non-profit Historic Garden League.
It offers merchandise for sale themed to the 1850s

Opening hours:
Su. and We.-Th. 10 - 5 pm; Sa. 2 -4

More about Casa del Oro at the sites of Monterey County and California State Parks.

From here, move on to the First Brick House and the Whaling Station.

First Brick House

Whaling Station

In opposite to early adobes, built of mud blocks, this building was the first in California to be built of fired clay bricks. The house was built in 1847 by Gallant Dickinson and his family. The building got never finished since the Dickinson family went to the Sierra foothills during the gold rush.

Built in 1847 by Scotsman David Wight for his family. In 1855, when Portuguese whalers arrived in Monterey, it became a boardinghouse and served as headquarters of the Old Monterey Whaling Company until circa 1885.

More about the First Brick House at the sites of
Monterey County and California State Parks.

Markeroni has a pcture of the house.

More about the Whaling Station at the sites of
Monterey County, California State Parks and
Monterey County Historical Society.
Markeroni has a pcture of the building.

From here, the Path leads to the Presidio of Monterey Historic Park.

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