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Vol 5, Issue 2                                                September 2006


What The Black Doll-E-Zine Readers are Saying:

May 2006 Responses

As always it is a beautiful publication.... thank you for the time spend putting it all together.  It has truly been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to even be associated with such a wonderful and caring person.  THANK YOU!

Keep up the good work!!

Loretta Molet


Regarding her collector's profile:  

Debbie it's beautiful.  You make me sound like I know what I'm talking about :>)  Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Luv, hugs, & best wishes.

Loretta Molet

I finally finished the newsletter. I love the profile of the collector.
Loretta is very focused.  Your doll projects came out really, really good.
You did good painting your doll pins. Your clothespin dolls are excellent. Gotta love your African print attire. LOL.  I am rethinking the Barbie Kwanzaa. I may go ahead and get her when she comes out.  I didn't realize Ginny Collectors Club get a choice of picking an African American doll…  

Thanks for a wonderful, informative and well thought out newsletter.


Hi Debbie:

I quickly scanned through the e-zine but I am going back and read it more thoroughly. Its looks to be another good one!   But I wanted you to know that I always liked Hollie! Her smile won me when I first saw her!   Bonnie



Thank you, Debbie.  The whole issue is fabulous!






I thought your choice of Holly was excellent!!!!!!!!  She really has a Spirit about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The artist, Kanika, is beautiful, and her work is wonderful!!  Thank you, for sharing, with us!!!!!!!!!!!



I too enjoyed Hollie's story.




Thanks, Debbie, for another awesome, informative issue. I thoroughly enjoyed the new takes on some of the topics. Hollie really knows how to pose for a picture. I am awe-struck by your projects. Oh to have such initiative and patience! May you continue to have God's blessings in your endeavors.



Great Issue!

Love this issue; it has sparked my collecting interest even more.  Michelle


Hi Debbie!

The Current Issue of the BDE is wonderful, as usual! 

Love & Dolly Hugs,


Thank you for this link. I love it and hope there will be more




I truly enjoyed the current issue, especially the story of Hollie. 
As I was sitting there reading it, Aja said I don't like her
(referring to Hollie).  But the point of the whole story is that we
enjoy what is in our collection, no matter what anyone says.  Keep up
the good work!!



Hi Debbie,

Another wonderful job on the magazine!!!   I am so motivated by your crafts, especially the doll pins!!  I wondered how I would get started on that.  I hope I do as good as you.  I liked the clothespin dolls too.  Tell Hollie I said hi :)




Hi Deb:
        I accidentally ran across your website earlier this week and have been on a mission since!  I copied all the issues of "our" black doll e-zine newsletter and put them in a binder.  I started reading from the first issue (Feb 2002) and am now up to the Spring 2003 issue.  I feel like a kid in a candy store!  You and Zee (and now you alone - I cheated and skimmed ahead a few issues!) have done a fantastic, incredible job.  I just keep thinking this is soooo much work and soon you'll want to quit but I hope you are no where near such a thought.  I really cannot find the words to express how elated I am.  Every night I go home excited to read through my binder.  May God continue to bless your efforts.  You are awesome!  

        I am still browsing through your site (got side-tracked by the e-zine) and now I am writing to request a copy of your book, an autographed copy if it is still available... 

       Thanks for sharing your passion and your gift.  I look forward to reading the remaining issues in my binder, to the new issues to come, to browsing through your website and just enjoying my trip to dollie land!  Thanks for making this the best week ever!


Deliah, aka "dolfiend"

P.S. don’t' forget to let me know about ordering an autographed copy of your book. - dcb

June Update Responses


Very nice update, Debbie, and informative as always. Was I ever surprised to see my lamp as I was going down the page! Thanks for including it.



Thank you, Debbie, for all the wonderful pictures and important information, about

the upcoming Doll Shows!!  I really enjoyed the updates!!!!!!!! I saw some doll pics that I missed at the show!

I really had a good time!!!!!!!  Judging from all the pics and info, it appears that you were right there, too!


Thanks, Debbie!!!


PS I bookmarked all of the info!!!!


I was finally able to read the May issue of BDE and the update last
night, almost uninterrupted. Determined to finish, I told the caller
I would call them back later and that's what I did. :-)

As usual, you did a great job, Debbie! I especially enjoyed reading
the article of Mrs. Molet. I met Mr. & Mrs. Molet at Lorna's
breakfast in Philly last year. I had a chance to read her profile and
view photos from her collection shortly before she was selected as the
Collector Profile for the February LMS Collectors Club Newsletter . I
really admire their spunk. They're a great couple.

Everyone did a great job on their projects! I like your clothespin
people, Debbie. Debra, Nettie is too, too adorable!! That's a clever
and creative way to display your McD/MA dolls, Ruth. Of course, I've
already mentioned how much I adore your paper dolls, Cheryl, and the
quilt is fabulous, too!

Thanks for keeping BDE alive, Debbie! I look forward to the next



Thank you all for your feedback!  

Please continue to submit feedback, doll news, doll stories, etc. to: (Deb)


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