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Editor - Debbie Garrett
Vol. 5, Issue 2                            September 2006




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Collecting News 

Profile of a Collector

Profile of an Artist

Doll in the Spotlight!

Doll Care Basics



Closing Words


Publication of this issue of The Black Doll-E-Zine was planned for the end of the fourth quarter of 2006.  However, after attending the UFDC Convention this past July and meeting a renowned doll artist , I could not wait until later in the year to publish this issue.  I was thrilled to meet and spend time with this artist during the convention and am still spellbound by this experience.    To unveil the identity of this highly-gifted doll artist who prompted me to stop, drop, and write, click the "Profile of an Artist" link to the left. 

Read about and take a virtual tour of an awesome doll collection owned by a delightful collector by clicking the "Profile of a Collector" link to the left.  

Among other doll news, the "Doll News" column provides highlights of Doll and Teddy Bear Expo 2006.  Several fellow collectors attended and shared photos and recaps of their show experience.

The "Doll in the Spotlight" column focuses on a doll family from the past.  The "Doll Care Basics" column shares more creative doll projects. 

The "Closing" page offers some information about the life of The BDE that may be of interest to you.  Your feedback is solicited.

I hope you find this issue of The BDE a "dollightful" reading experience.


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