Girls, If you are being beaten, or abused in any way, Please do not keep it a secret. It is not your fault. There is, a way out.
Abuse has become so rampant these days, there are so many kinds of ways that a person can be abused, that we are getting totally confused. There is physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse. Not all abusers become killers, so please don't think I am trying to make you paranoid. If you are being slapped around, that is wrong. If you are being hurt by a loved one, you are a victim of Domestic Violence and you should stand up for yourself, by getting the right advice and protection. Victims are not always killed, but sometimes if things go too far, the victim could get maimed, their teeth and bones broken, and in most cases reduced to a 'nervous wreck', dependant on all kinds of anti depressants.
Domestic Violence crusaders on the web, are trying to bring 'AWARENESS' to this 'HORRIFIC' problem which is plagueing, our 'so called', Civilized Society. I know there is a stigma attached to being a victim, but if you care one bit for yourself, don't let this happen to you or your children. Leaving your abuser will only entail some 'initial hardship', but I promise you, long term fulfilment and contentment, just take the initial step.
Writing to people on the Internet and asking them to pray for you WILL NOT help. This is something you have to know or realize that is a potentionally harmful situation to be in. There are women out there who are 'DYING' being 'Burnt' or 'Kicked' as you read this. The next victim, could be 'You' or a friend. Do the right thing, get legal help. I know sometimes you think, you should stay for the sake of the children, and sometimes women stay, thinking that their abuser will change. We see the good side of them, and choose not to focus on the rotten aspects of their character. Wrong choice!!!!! Living with someone who beats you, whether it's a slap on the face or a 'couple of pushes and bashes,' (because he/she had one too many drinks, and he/she is very different otherwise) is Wrong. No abuse is normal. Would you start slapping and beating the life out of someone, if you had a few drinks? Your partner needs help. If you want the relationship and are ready to go for help, then I suggest you do it together. But if nothing is working after counselling and there are mishaps. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, "I Will Not Allow You to Abuse Me Anymore".

Remember, YOU have to take that 'important' step, YOU have to make the 'decision'. We are here to guide you, to give you 'informational links' encouragement and network with you to find help.

Historically we have been conditioned to think and believe, that we were not 'Complete' or 'Normal', until we had a 'Husband' or a 'Male' companion, who loved us. AND unfortunately, we have believed that, and lived and acted with that belief.
Still in the year 2005 there are, 'Male Dominated societies', that think women are worthless. Just because some of them can not 'produce a male child'. Or God help those who can not give birth at all.
Some Women are abused because, their 'husbands' find them 'overweight'. Most of the time though, 'Alchohol' and 'Machoism' plays a major role, in this cycle of violence.
But now is the time to 'Break Out' of that 'Miserable Conception'. We can do this by bringing to the 'forefront' the despicable atrocities, which are being imposed on women all over the world, all the time. In the name of 'Marriage' and in the name of 'Love'.
Girls!!!!! we have come a long way, but believe me, we still have, A very long way to go, before we 'ERADICATE', this IMPOSED 'historical conditioning'. CONTRARY to the old belief 'Don't air your dirty linen' I urge you, to do just that.

What I am worried about, however, is all this liberal or new age thinking. Respecting cultural diversity is really a form of "upside-down racism," preventing immigrant women from enjoying the same freedom and protection as native women from the land.

I have listed a lot of Useful links to help you. Take the time to go through this page and read and learn the dangers of living in an abusive relationship. Life is short. There is so much to do and it can be so much fun. Ask yourself WHY would you like to be stuck at home and be slapped or abused? Don't fall into this trap. Available on this page are Help Lines, for people of all walks of life, links to other women's websites, women who suffered for years, and woman who made the break and got out in time. There are links to ways that you can help others, telephone numbers to shelters. And an abundance of information pertaining to this topic.
Please remember, by asking people to pray for you or just emailing your story to others WILL NOT solve your problem. "Life is what YOU make it" so go ahead and make yours a better one, becuse if you don't take that step, no one else can do it for you.
Click this salvation army shield to email their shelter

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