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Welcome to my homepage about Daisy Berkowitz. You might be thinking,”Daisy who??” Well, continue to read and you’ll find out. At the moment, he is known as Daisy Berkowitz, a former guitarist of the band Marilyn Manson. After leaving the band after the recording of the album”antichrist superstar”, Berkowitz has been writing songs of varied styles. Daisy Berkowitz’s real name is Scott Mitchell. He got that name Daisy Berkowitz by combining Daisy Duke, with David Berkowitz. After being in a few other bands, he formed a band around his home area in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with who today is known as Marilyn Manson. Together, they got 3 other people and formed the band Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, in 1989. The name was later shortened to Marilyn Manson after their last concert with that name on August 1, 1992. Daisy and Marilyn did all the writing, and Marilyn did the lyrics......of course. Daisy was originally on lead guitar and drum machine programming. He was later moved to just lead guitar. He wrote about a dozen songs for "antichrist superstar" and all but one were rejected.
“I felt a lot of creative freedom being out of the band”, says Berkowitz.”Some of the songs have a psycadelic vibe to them, they seem kind of abstract and crazy but there is a common thread running through them. I hate to compare what I am doing to Marilyn, but my new material is stark and exotic, and there is even a few acoustic, mellow sounds. There is a sense of humour, like there was in the old days of Marilyn Manson............Before Marilyn and Twiggy started taking things too seriously. One of my songs is about people bugging me about the band and about what I am doing now” Daisy was a great importance to the band, but in May of 1996, He resigned from the band.
After Daisy resigned, Marilyn was given an interview and he said, "Daisy was just a young kid named Scott that just happened to be hired”. When really, Daisy made the band what it is today. Marilyn didn’t seem to give any credit to Daisy for what he did with the band. The band has changed since Daisy left and it was certainly not for the best. Daisy should get more or atleast the most credit for developing a band that went from nothing to one of the top bands. When I tell people that I like Marilyn Manson I always hear”who is she?” Well, everybody that said that to me and I played them some Marilyn Manson they loved it. Daisy Berkowitz is not popular at all and I looked around for some info on him. It turns out this is the first main page on just him, besides Berkowitz’s own homepage. I wrote it becuase he deserves more credit.

Thanks for visiting my page about Daisy Berkowitz! Please look at all the other stuff I have and send me an email because I will probably be bored and....reading is good for you right???

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