My Hate Mail

I Finally got some hate mail! I have been waiting almost 2 weeks and I finally got some. Now, first of all, when you send any sort of mail, even hate mail remember that I can get your email address and I will post it if it is hate mail. If it is a nice letter, asking a question or something like that I won't post up the address or anything. I will answer your question or whatever it may be. Maybe if I have a spelling mistake or something like that. But, to actually send a hate mail, that will make me post it. Now, since these following people sent me hate mail, their message, email address and name will be posted. It will remain on this page till they either ask me to take it off or.....well, thats about it. But if they ask me to take it off and then send more mail, it will remain on this page till I delete it.

1) The first hatemail wanted to have their message removed and it was. Thanks to all of you that have emailed that person and and spoke your mind

2) Name:Not Given
Subject:Sweet Dreams
The only reason I like this song is because he didnt write it. Marilyn Manson is nothing but a big idiot and its only a matter of time before he realizes it.

I got just one question for you, why the hell did you go to a marilyn manson site if you hate the band???

3) Name:Renee
Email Address: Unknown
Subject: Manson
Message: ****TOO MANY****

This was the first person that I ever got spammed from. I wasn't even spammed through email. Now, after a while I became smarter with the computer and I now have a way to deal with her. This is her IP address:
I have a winnuke programme that will shut off her computer so now i can spam her. Aren't I nice? If you have winnuke, this is a person you should add to your list!

4) Name:Jenn

your page is soooo dumb... fist of all you CAN'T call him Daisey anymore... the moment he left the doors od nothing records and got on that plane... he went back to scott,the pie faced gressey haired twit with long monkey arms, nothing more, he was a o.k. guitarist... but i think ZimZum is 100 times better, Guitar is something ZimZum has been doing his whole life, Daisey was pathetic... he knew a couple of easy songs(the i can play and i started Guitar about a month ago) and you can't say Zimmy suks... cuz he competed with hundreds of other guys to be the Guitarist.... i think your alll pissed cuz Daisey didn't live up to your expectations..... by loking at him he seems cool, but he was such a jerk, he thought he was king... and that everyone should bow to his greatness...when no one did.... he quit... i should know... i met him.. and the rest of the band... -

Ah, how little you know. First, yes we can call him Daisy Berkowitz again because since he is now in jack off jill he is going back to that name. Did I ever say Zimzum sucked? maybe some other people that went on this page and wrote something said it but I never did. I dont think you should accuse people of things you dont know, but wait!! you are doing the same about Scott Michell leaving the band since there is two sides to the story and we will probably never know which one is right. Hahaha, and what is that about expectations? Do you think I would have made this page because he didnt live up to my expectations? no, i made this in respect. Also, Zimzum didnt try out for the part of guitar player in the band against hundreds of people, it was against over a dozen. wow, you met the band before it he left, that really proves that you should know he quit. By the way, maybe I should bow down to your big ass ego!

I put these email addresses up so you, the fans, can email these people and speak your mind because they did. Email them as many times as you want, tell your friends! These email addresses will be up for a really, really long time! Go back to my main page