Marilyn Manson Cd's


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This is a list of pretty much all of the Marilyn Manson cd's and even some cd samplers that Marilyn Manson is on. If you have any other cd's that is not on your list, please email me.

Marilyn Manson and the spooky kids
(self released cassettes)

1989-meat beat cleaver beat
1989-snuffy's VCR
1990-Grist O line
1990-Big Black Bus
1991-After school special

Marilyn Manson
(self released cassettes)

1992-The family jams

Marilyn Manson
(Nothing records releases)

1994-Get your gunn(single)
1994-Portrait of an american family
1995-Smells like children
1996-Antichrist Superstar
1997-Remix And Repent
1998-Mechanical Animals

Bootlegs/Demo cd's

the 5000 fingers of marilyn manson
the dark adventures of marilyn manson
demos in my lunchbox volume 1
demos in my lunchbox volume 2
uncut(uncemsored version of smells like children EP)
Smells like children recalled
Resident Evil
Everlasting Gobstopper-The spooky kids demo
Lunchbox Demos
After school special demos
dark adventures
rusty lunchbox
white trash 1
white trash 2
white trash 3
trent's nasty babes
marilyn manson: Manson Babes
Dead in chicago
Manson family circus
Mr. Manson's home demos
Sympathy for the devil
monkey massacre
obsessional neurosis
Marilyn manson demos and remixes

Promo Cd's

get your gunn(high school drop outs)
get your gunn(censored)
get your gunn(four tracks)
Catch a buzz
portrait of an american family
lunchbox/high school drop outs(3 tracks)
dope hat
pure concrete radio sampler
smells like children (recalled)
smells like children (promo)
sweet dreams
antichrist superstar(single)
beautiful people(cd promo)
MCA radio sampler 96
alternative press 100th issue
turn it up and pass it on volume 9
cmj sampler
on the road in 97
tourniquet(radio promo)
MCA radio sampler 97
Beautiful People single
Tourniquet single