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The upcoming Manson cd and what was said about Daisy

Was Daisy Really The One Without The Ideas???

This is the new cd from Marilyn Manson. The information below about the song discriptions isn't written by me so don't be asking me what this cd sounds like. Since I live in Canada it will take a little while before I hear it. From what I heard about it, it must be pretty good. Before I get to the cd I want to talk about Daisy Berkowitz for a second. In 1996 he quit the band because he personally felt left out. Manson and Twiggy said Daisy quit the band because he was out of ideas and just couldn't give anymore. Twiggy also added that Daisy left him to do all the music himself and it was hard. What I see is this. Daisy quit the band after writting all the songs before this new cd came out except for the songs on "antichrist superstar" which he played in 4 songs. If he quit the band because he was out of ideas, which was said by Marilyn Manson and Twiggy, why couldn't Marilyn Manson and the rest of the band make a cd of new songs instead of getting a whole bunch of remixes? In 1994 "portrait of an american family" was released. In 1995 "smells like children" was released. In 1996 it was "antichrist superstar". If every year a cd was released and every year it had over 10 unique songs, with the exception of "smells like children", why wasn't this cd full of new songs? I think that Daisy was the person that was the band. Sure Twiggy and Zim Zum are good musicians but I think that Daisy was that person that made the band Marilyn Manson what it was. This new cd makes me think less of Marilyn Manson as a person. The music is still great though. I think that Marilyn Manson made up a lie saying that Daisy was out of ideas just to hide the fact that Daisy was the person that made the band what it was. This is just my opinion and I bet other people think this way. If you have anything to add to this just email me. I am pretty sure I might get some bad mail from this so I just would like to add that, I don't think Marilyn Manson is completely out of ideas, I just think he had more when Daisy was still part of the group. If you want to see what other people have written about(Daisy not being out of ideas) click here. Please take the time to write a comment. It will be posted and your email address will not be included

The cd

1) 1997
*this is an updated version of 1996, it sounds more technoish, it was produced with sean beavan and charlie clouser which prolly had something to do with this

2) Tourniquet (prosthesis mix)
*this is the track that was remixed by tricky. i'm not sure if it's the same version that manson is performing live right now (as i havent seen em yet), but its really slowed down and the bass is pumped way up, sounds really phat

3) Shoot Motherfucker (foetus mix)
*this track is Reflecting God remixed by Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell, its really edgy and heavy.. i think i like it better than the original

4) Apple of Sodom (hip hop g funk mix)
this is pretty much the same as the original except.. get this.. it has snoop dogg and lauryn hill (of the fugees) doing vocals. very wierd but very very cool.

5) Come
this track is the version of Kinderfeld (at the time called Smells Like Children) that was performed live on the SLC tour. it's basically the same thing only alot faster and a couple different lyrics.

6) Cryptorchid (eclipsing the sun mix)
this track is a 10 minute remix by Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto. it starts out really slow and progresses into complete madness. you can tell that there is tons of stuff being said backwards during this remix.

7) The Number Seven
I have no clue what this track is, its like 2 minutes of screaming, scratching and intense heartbeat-like sounds. I imagine that when slowed down there's something in there, but listening to it at normaly speed is definitely an experience. very unsettling

8) The Time has come for Bitter Things
This is a remix of Antichrist Superstar (the song) by Charlie Clouser. It's kinda cool but sonds like all his other remixes. the cool thing about this song is how it decays and morphs into the next song...
9) Mr. Superstar (lounge remix)
This is basically the slowed down version of Mr. Superstar that manson did on a couple of the ACS tourdates in february

10) Wormboy (The World Shudders...)
This is probably my favorite track on the album, its a really poppy upbeat remix by the one and only Clint Mansell (formerly?) of Pop Will Eat Itself. Words can't describe this track.. its just amazing.

11) The Suck for your Solution
This is the same thing as on the Howard Stern Soundtrack, nothing special but it's still a great song

12) Deformography (live)
This is basically the same as the album version of Deformography except it's incredibly intense and about six and a half minutes long. it ends with the robotic voice saying "when you are suffering know that I have betrayed you" and the "we hate love we love hate" chanting. I suspect that this is supposed to bear some sort of similarity to the beginning of IHA on ACS.

13) 1998
on I have no idea what this song is!!!!!!I guess it is a remix of 1996?